Stem Cell Transplant Day 32: in ICU. Breathing Hard.

In ICU with pneumonia. On oxygen and LOTS of meds. Docs don’t know what kind of pneumonia, can’t tell if I’m getting worse or better due to how one possible disease manifests. They want to do a bronchoscopy but can’t without intubating me. They’ve been fasting me for almost two days now in case of intubation. Trying really hard NOT to have to be intubated. In wait and see mode.

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Stem Cell Transplant Day 18 (Day +11)

We’re engrafting, yay! My white cell counts, while still critically low, are beginning to rise. I’m also getting fevers, but not the stupid human suit kind, but rather the sort typically associated with stem cell engrafting.

My blood pressure tanked last night to the point of me standing in my room confused, trying to figure out how to work the soap dispenser. After that, they turned on the bed alarm, so I can’t get up without someone there to assist me. I feel rather silly about it.

In other news, my GI tract is still in the process of rebooting, which is extremely uncomfortable. Food is primarily liquid still.

Slept almost the whole day yesterday. This stem cell growing is exhausting.

Stem Cell Transplant Day 15 (Day +8)

I am feeling very sorry for myself.

On opportunistic bacteria infection has taken up residence in my lower bowels and another one has set up shop in my stomach. Not only is food unpleasant to eat but it’s not doing anything enjoyable once it hits my GI Tract, including staying put.


They have me on lotso antibiotics and other meds to make this easier on me. I appreciate that but honestly, I just want to be unconscious.

None of this is unexpected but it all sucks. Hurry up stem cells. Graft! Graft already!!

Stem Cell Transplant Day 14 (Day +7)

Deep into hell week now. Haven’t been able to hold down any food or liquid for 24-hours. Getting IV fluids so I don’t dehydrate. It’s going to be a couple more days until things could conceivably start getting better. Oh, and my hair’s falling out again. (Sigh.)

Needed another platelet transfusion last I night. Nurses are doing their best to keep me comfortable, but morphine now makes me nauseous, and some of this unpleasantness simply has to run its course.

Graft you little stem cells. Graft and grow strong!

Meanwhile, I will seek out unconsciousness.

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Stem cell transplant Day 12 (Day +5)

White counts have tanked to critical levels. Platelet counts are plummeting. (Needed a platelet transfusion last night.) GI tract is in a general state of rebellion and/or malaise. Food is an unpleasant chore that must be accomplished without an iota of  joy or relish.

We’re heading full speed into the nadir of side effects hell. Going to be a few more days of getting worse before I’ll start getting better. Fortunately, my health care team is not stingy with the drugs.

More drugs, please.

Stem Cell Transplant: Day 10 (Day +3)

On the side effects count:

  • My white counts are beginning to tank, taking my blood pressure with it, so they hooked me back up to my IV stand and are giving me extra fluids. Sigh. It was nice not having to haul around an IV tree wherever I went–not that I go very far anyway, but still.
  • GI tract is beginning to express some unhappiness. This is a warning of what’s to come, and I’m not looking forward to it.
  • Blurred vision still in evidence. Having a really difficult time finding the sweet spot for reading.
  • Fatigue hitting hard–although that could be the anti-nausea meds they’re feeding me round the clock.
  • Oh, and hiccups. Yes, can’t forget the @#$!& hiccups.

During my daily ambulation around the floor for exercise, I spied a little lending library and a stained class windowed alcove. Charming:

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