Baku is a reluctant eater

Baku is so teeny!

He’s also posing some challenges for us that we didn’t expect. He’s actually a reluctant eater, something all but unheard of in (healthy) skunks, so we’ve been having to hand feed him every three or so hours to make sure he’s eating enough.

Not 100% sure that he doesn’t have a bug or something–he’s only been with us for one week, ergo don’t have past behavior to guide us–so we’re also watching him really closely in case he starts acting lethargic or weak.

One plus is that he does indeed drink water, although he doesn’t drink a lot. Still keeping an eye on his hydration, but it’s a relief that he will take water on his own.



10 Responses to “Baku is a reluctant eater”

  1. threeoutside Says:

    That he’ll drink independently is a very good sign, I would think. Maybe your food tastes different than what they fed him before, and he’s just being like a baby and reacting to that. ?? Good thing he’s got such good and loving parents to watch over him! WHAT a sweetie!!! Give him some scritches for me – when he likes them.

  2. amysisson Says:

    Even without an obvious visual reference, yes! I can see how tiny he is and how much of a baby. I can’t tell you how much I would give to be able to see him in real life. I have never seen a skunk up close before. He is just so precious!

  3. j_cheney Says:

    His little hands and feet are so cute!

  4. melissajm Says:

    … and that little baby face!

  5. threeoutside Says:

    But don’t forget – he’s FIERCE!

  6. displacedtexan Says:

    Here’s hoping his appetite picks up!

  7. melissajm Says:

    But such a cute li’l stinker. ;)

  8. threeoutside Says:

    Yeah, shhh! He wants us to think he’s FIERCE.

  9. melissajm Says:

    Oh, of course! :tremble, tremble:

  10. threeoutside Says:

    ::wink wink::


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