Appetite improving!

So Baku’s appetite seems to be improving. We added applesauce, bananas, peas, scrambled eggs with cream cheese, and meal worms to his menu. I think the meal worms were the biggest hit.

We also wormed him. We got a de-wormer pill from the vet last week, but the lil guy threw it up (it was a huge honking horse pill, so I’m not exactly surprised). But the test they did came up clean, so we figured he was probably okay. But with Baku’s appetite drop, it seemed like a good idea to re-worm him. This time got an over-the-counter med–that he kept down this time–and within six hours he was eating a big meal and bounding around like he was nuclear powered. Whew.

More baby Baku pix:



8 Responses to “Appetite improving!”

  1. displacedtexan Says:

    Mmmmm….meal worms and applesauce.

  2. threeoutside Says:

    Ooooh, such a cutey! Wakes up slowly, does he? lol

    I *lurve* the next to last one. What a sweetie. I’m so glad he’s perking up! Pretty soon he’ll be eating you out of house & home!

  3. amysisson Says:

    Yes, that’s my favorite photo too, followed by number three (curled up with nose buried — one of my cats does that all the time).

    Yay baby skunk photos!

  4. j_cheney Says:

    I’m glad his appetite is improving!!!

  5. j_cheney Says:

    I am NOT making that for you.

  6. melissajm Says:

    Those are my favorites too.

  7. xjenavivex Says:

    i might die from the cuteness exposure

  8. shaolingrrl Says:

    I wouldn’t mind cuddling up to a tail like that for a snooze. :-)

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