It’s all about the peas

Baku woke up at 4:30 this morning and had a large snack of mostly peas before deciding to run amuck. So I’m playing “stomp” with the baby at 5 AM in something of a sleep-deprived zombie fugue. Life is strange and more than a little surreal…

Also, peas apparently = Red Bull for Baku.


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  1. amysisson Says:

    How does one play “stomp”?

    Last night I played “fingers and paws” with Kira, who is one of the two babies of the family. When we trapped her as a feral, this was the first way she let me touch her (after a good couple of weeks). She would hide under something, I would stick my hand in and wiggle my fingers, and she would bat at them and grab them (without extending claws, thankfully).

    Sounds tame, but when you’re trying to socialize a feral cat, it’s a huge big deal, and it makes me so happy. I truly believe pets do lower our blood pressure.

  2. Eugie Foster Says:

    Awww! “Fingers and paws” sounds really cute!

    In “stomp,” Baku charges at me, pulls up short (often doing a little handstand as baby skunks don’t have rear brakes), stomps his front paws and drags them back, and I do the same, stomping and dragging with one foot (or both hands), and we both take turns running back and forth a few steps, inviting each other to give chase. It’s great exercise, but a bit lively for 5AM.

  3. amysisson Says:

    I think we need a YouTube video!

  4. Eugie Foster Says:

    Your wish is my command!

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