Baku in a Basket

We got a basket of muffins, and when we took the muffins out, I thought it looked like the basket would be perfect to hold a Baku. And I was right!



8 Responses to “Baku in a Basket”

  1. n_decisive Says:


  2. j_cheney Says:

    The perfect gift!

  3. stephanieburgis Says:

    Awwww! So adorable!

  4. threeoutside Says:

    I’m falling over from the Cute. *faints*

  5. desperance Says:

    Aww. That is one happy skunk-in-a-basket…

  6. melissajm Says:


  7. shaolingrrl Says:

    Big smile before bed. :-)

  8. threeoutside Says:

    Don’t you wish our critters could know how much happiness they emanate all over the world? Yay, internet!

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