8 months: Santa Hob

Happy Holidays! It’s Hobkin’s first Christmas. So, of course, we had to buy a Santa Claus outfit to torture him with. Yes, we’re evil, evil people.

Santa Hob 2

It is not an easy task to dress up a skunk. Our first attempt was a dismal failure. We did it when he was wide awake and tried to bribe him to cooperate using food.

And we couldn\'t get his front legs through the sleeves.

He took the food and growled at us. And we couldn’t get his front legs through the sleeves.

We wised up for our second attempt and waited until he’d gone to sleep before ambushing him. While he was still groggy, we stuck his paws in the sleeves and velcroed up the back of the outfit. Then we raced to get the camera before he completely woke up.

Anyone who doesn’t think that skunks are amazingly expressive needs to see these shots. You can tell exactly what Hobkin is thinking by the look on his face:

“This is so embarrassing.”

He only put up with our abuse for a very short while. Overall, he was a pretty good sport. I’d probably feel the same way if someone woke me up out of a nap, shoved me willy nilly into a silly little outfit, and started taking pictures. I repeat, we are evil, evil people.

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“I’m outta here.”