Skunk Show 2003

We took Hobkin to the 9th Annual ADSA (American Domestic Skunk Association) Supreme National Skunk Show. We wanted him to have a chance to socialize in a skunk-friendly setting and meet more skunks and interact with people. We didn’t expect him to place or win anything; we just wanted to have a good time and for him to get out a little.

He was both a sweet darling and a bratty little stinker. The car ride was terrible. Hobkin doesn’t like riding in the car. I tried holding him in my lap, but he kept trying to climb over me and into Matthew’s lap, who was driving. He just wouldn’t settle. When I locked him in his carrier-cage, he put all his energy into trying to tip the litter pan over. I was a twitching wreck by the time we pulled up to the skunk show parking lot. But the upshot of this was that Hobkin was pretty tuckered out already by the time we got there.

And then the judging began. The first category was an important one: Friendliness and Overall Conformation, broken down into Juvenile, Adult, and Senior divisions. He tanked in the Friendliness category. He totally loved on three of the judges, and, of course, hissed and snapped at the fourth one of them, and then growled and nipped the last one. Sigh. Devil and angel, all wrapped up in a fuzzy package—that’s our Hobkin. One of the judges also commented that he could stand to lose a pound or so, which we knew. Poor Hobkin’s chubby!

Being a darling for Head Judge Sharon Bowman and Judge Ryan Cheeks.

After the intermission, the ribbons for that category were handed out. Hobkin won third place for Overall Conformation-Adult Division! I squawked right out loud when they announced his name. I couldn’t believe it. I was so proud of him!

Then came the judging of Event Categories. The color classes (all ages) was first. Hobkin is a Chocolate Chip so we waited for the Chocolate Classics to go, and then he was up. The chocolates, being the biggest number of skunk attendees were broken down into “Classic,” “Chip,” and “Silverback & Swirl” categories. Other color categories were: Albino & Black-Eyed White, Apricot/Blonde, Champagne Classic & Chip, Champagne Silverback & Swirl, Smoke, Mahogany, White on White, and Unique. Since black and white skunks are illegal to have as pets in Georgia, they weren’t allowed to compete in this show.

Another intermission and then came the costume contest. We didn’t enter him in that. We seriously thought about it. There was an adorable pumpkin outfit at the Build-a-bear store we were very tempted by, but after the fiasco at Christmas, we decided against it. But look at the adorable costumes of some of the other skunks! (Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)

Princess Bunny Blushing Bride Genie Ballerina Sailor (passed out from a night of drinking?) Eeyore

Next was the presentation of color class awards. Hobkin won third place Chocolate Chip! I was totally stunned. I know Hobkin is the most beautiful skunk in the world, but I didn’t realize the judges would think he’s gorgeous too! And then was the Prettiest Tail (Juvenile, Adult, and Senior divisions) event, and the Unusual Markings event (which we didn’t enter Hobkin in since he’s a pretty standard Chip in markings).

Prettiest Tail 1 Prettiest Tail 2

Guess who won first place for Adult Prettiest Tail? HOBKIN!! And finally came the Championship Award Presentations presented to skunks with the highest total points in Color, Overall Conformation, & Friendliness. Awards were given out for Best in Show of each color class, Best Male & Female of Show, Juvenile National Champion, Adult National Champion, Senior National Champion, and Supreme National Champion. After his less-than-sterling Friendliness display, I didn’t expect him to do well in the Championship class. But he took second place for Best in Show Chocolate Chip! I was just about ready to pop with pride. Look at all his ribbons!

Of course, all of the skunks in the show were winners, whether or not they took home a ribbon or trophy. Here’s a few pix of some of the beautiful, adorable, skunk noses that were also at the show:

I’m very proud of Hobkin. He’s my beautiful, if somewhat temperamental, Chocolate Chip baby.

End of the show