Not an Auspicious Beginning to 2010

MARTA commute painfully cold this AM. Waited for a train for 20 min in 15 F degrees outside due to a downstream delay. Can’t. Feel. Face.

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5 Responses to Not an Auspicious Beginning to 2010

    • Eugie Foster says:

      *emphatic nods*

      Hey, on a totally different and less chilly subject, should you and opt to get a Droid, I wanted to recommend y’all try out the Dolphin browser. It provides multitouch (pinch to zoom) and tabbed browsing on the Droid, and I think it’s faster than the default browser. And best of all, it’s also a free app .

      Stay warm!

  1. dean13 says:

    It is cold out today. Why, it is only 57 F here in San Diego!

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