12 Babes of Xmas

Huh, I’ve been nominated to be a Babe of Xmas. Awww. I’m touched! I guess voting doesn’t begin until October, but I’m flattered someone nominated me. . For folks who want to partake of the nomination process, you can do so HERE.

A big “thank you” goes to dsnight for being the one to help me fix my laptop hibernation issue. And thanks to everyone who participated in my poll. If I hadn’t gotten it shipshape again, I was all set to pack it up and send it to HP for maintenance. Good reminder to refresh my backups too.


Writing Stuff

I got emailed a request from an agent for a partial on my middle-grade novel. Already sent back a “thank you but I’m taken” response. I had to pass, of course, but it does make me happy knowing that other agents out there would have been interested in seeing what I had to offer.

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4 Responses to 12 Babes of Xmas

  1. I’m bemused by the whole Babes of Christmas thing, but, er, I guess congratulations are in order? Anyway, definitely congrats on the agent request. That’s awesome news. 🙂

  2. jimhines says:

    I’m glad it worked. And congrats on the BDTD&SOTB sale! Looks like we’ll be sharing yet another TOC 🙂

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