7am, wide awake, without a skunk

We get to pick Hobkin up from the vet’s at 9! Hurray! They called us yesterday as soon as he was out of surgery and coming out of the anesthesia. He did great; the surgery went well. I’m so relieved. It’s not like it was a complicated procedure or anything (not like adrenal or lymphosarcoma surgery with the ferrets), but still, quite relieved.

While he was tucked away at the vet’s yesterday, Matthew and I went to see MIB II. Fun. I laughed. But it felt like a sequel. Not much new, plus some of the emotional satisfaction from the first film got nullified by the plot of the second. Glad we saw it, but I don’t need to see it again. The popcorn was good.

On the Matthew health front, I think he’s getting worse. He’s in pain constantly and it’s very debilitating. Some days he can barely walk, even with mega pain meds to take the edge off. The neurosurgeon consultation thingum was informative, though. I got to see his MRI films for the first time. Yep, his back’s screwed. They recommended surgery, a “micro-discectomy.” We did some research online about it, and it looks pretty promising. Goodness but back surgery has progressed a lot in the last ten years or so. He’s got a tentative appointment to have it done on the 16th, but it may need to be bumped if a non-elective case comes up. I hope it doesn’t get bumped. He’s hurting so much these days. Sooner is better.

Anyone out there have experience with this procedure? Got any feedback?

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