Still recovering from my hellatious flare-up. But I’m feeling much better. And oddly, I’m craving chocolate.


Writing Stuff

I was too worn out to write, so instead I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, I added a Children’s Market Listing to my website. I’ve had a hard time finding good, up-to-date and reasonably comprehensive resources, so I decided to create one. Of course, the trick is to keep it both comprehensive and up-to-date. . .

And got a 60-day form “meh” from Glimmer Train. Sigh. I’m beginning to jones for a juicy sale.

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  1. mmerriam says:

    Thank you for the Children’s Market Listing. I have a couple of pieces I am trying to market, and your listing is a big help!

  2. keesa_renee says:

    Ooh. CHocolate is good. :nods:

    I’ve never had any luck with GlimmerTrain…then again, I don’t really write the sort of stories they publish. :shrugs:

    Do you have a subscription to Children’s Writer? They’re not the best magazine I’ve ever subscribed to, but they do have a section devoted to market listings for children’s books and stories.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yeah, I don’t think I write the sort of stuff Glimmer Train goes for either. I’ve only ever gotten form nopes from them. Fooie.

      Do you have a subscription to Children’s Writer?

      No, I don’t, but I’ll have to check out their website now. Thanks for the tip!

  3. mroctober says:

    I understand your writing woes… I received a devastating rejection the other day.

  4. I too received the Glimmer Train e-mail, but to me it sounded more like “feh.”

    Glad you’re feeling better, and as for the chocolate, any runner will tell you, listen to your body. If Body bangs its spoon on the tray table and yells, “Chocwit,” by gosh, give it chocwit.

  5. I’m glad you’re improving and hope you feel completely better soon.


  6. gardenwaltz says:

    there is nothing odd about craving chocolate 😉

  7. I really hope you feel much better soon!

    And chocolate is a gift from the gods, you should crave it constantly! 😀

  8. mmm chocolate! Yesterday I had a French truffle. yum! I’ll send you one metaphorically. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    Choc-chip cookies

    I will be making a batch of gluten free choc-chip cookies tonight – I’ll eat an extra test one for you! 🙂

    Dreamwind (ps PLEASE put something up on Critters soon!)

  10. Chocolate is good. Me too, I want some!

  11. pleroma says:

    Oh! and I were wondering when you and the husband would want to hang out in the future? We figured you had enough time to recover from the aftershocks of D*C.


    • Eugie Foster says:

      Ooo, I didn’t know your sweetie had an LJ. *pops off to friend her* We need to definitely hang out soon. Not this weekend, my folks are coming from China to visit, but what’s your schedule look like for next weekend?

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