A Christmas Carol, Christmas shopping, *cough cough sneeze*

Went to see A Christmas Carol at the Shakespeare Tavern on Saturday. It was, by far, the best production–play, movie, whatever–of that Charles Dickens classic that I have ever experienced. I’ve been feeling pretty saturated on the CC front for several years now, and I was actually not all that enthusiastic about Saturday’s theater outing as I was beginning to come down with some phlegmy cold symptoms, but we had the tickets so out I went. They started with several, lovely madrigalish carols and I was laughing out loud within the first five minutes of the first scene, a state of mirth I generally maintained for the whole play. Not that there weren’t poignant bits; but, like with all productions at the Shakespeare Tavern, the director knows that humor is the best stage device there is. I’m still blown away by their amazing sense of pacing. Never a dull moment. It got us properly into the festive, holiday spirit. I highly recommend the Tavern’s Christmas Carol to any and all in the Atlanta area. Go see it before the run ends!

Did a lot of prezzie shopping over the weekend. At something of a loss as to what to get Matthew’s mother as she also has a December birthday. Erk. We got his folks a Kodak digital camera. They got themselves a new Compaq computer to replace their aged and expiring iMac. Unfortunately, they’re still on dial-up and having major issues with it. And they’re not exactly savvy on the technological front. When Matthew asked them what OS they were now on, his mother replied, somewhat bewildered “AoL?” And when he tried to get the computer model number from his dad, we ended up with the monitor specs. We’ll see what we can do when we go up to see them at Christmas. But I’m pretty sure the camera should be compatible with a new Compaq.

The phlegm continues to rise in a snoggy wave from my chest to my head. I have decided not to inflict my coughing, sneezing, wheezy self on the poor folks at my place of work, and am oozing out the day in the comfort of my own home whereupon there will be much Tylenol, Sudafed, and Robitussin .

Writing Stuff:

Got an invite from ghostgrrl to be a guest again this year for Fantasm’s Ink Track. Of course I said “yes,” so I’ll definitely be at Fantasm for its final blowout year.

Saw that Issue #40 of The Third Alternative with my novelette “Running on Two Legs” is back from the printers and being mailed out! Very excited. Can’t wait to see it.

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10 Responses to A Christmas Carol, Christmas shopping, *cough cough sneeze*

  1. mroctober says:

    I believe we met at Fantasm. Wonderful to read you writing so much.

    – sb

  2. alladinsane says:

    I’ve been a phreaking phlegm phactory the past week or so with this back and forth wacky weather…now that its staying cold, I think I’m getting cleared up finally…hoping you have great success getting your bout cleared…

    Very good to hear you’re doing the last Fantasm…going to do my best to be there even if it’s only for part of that weekend…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      *sneeze cough cough* The cold front that’s moved in hasn’t helped me, unfortunately. The cold and dry tends to do a major whammy on my sytem. *cough cough* Glah. Hope you continue to feel better!

  3. I wish we had a Shakespeare Tavern here in London, ON. It sounds like such a neat place.

    ~Maggie 🙂

  4. terracinque says:

    Has the Tavern put on A Christmas Carol before? I’m a little surprised; I thought the Alliance had cornered that market.

    Of course, the Alliance mounts Carol every single year. The same damn production, every single year. It’s a major cash cow for them, and it’s one of the many things I hate about that theater.

    Who is the Tavern’s Scrooge?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Has the Tavern put on A Christmas Carol before?

      Yeah, they do it every year. It’s one of their big money makers too. They do a narrative, storyteller’s version, or at least they have these last two years. Last year it was a three-player cast, this year’s was an eight-player one. The larger cast makes for a better production, plus they’ve acquired a couple new actors who are really superb additions to their line-up.

      Who is the Tavern’s Scrooge?

      Marc McPherson played Scrooge this year. Last year, I believe they had Maurice Ralston predominantly as Scrooge.

  5. britzkrieg says:

    Why will next year be Fantasm’s final year?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Not completely sure on the details, but the merry band of directors has decided to, err, disband and fragment off into different projects. Out of Fantasm, there’s like two or three new conventions which will be springing up in the upcoming year, run by various Fantasm coordinators. So this year will be the last one for Fantasm.

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