A Day of Sugar, Drugs, and Caffeine

So, okay, I’m pretty happy about my recent sale to the ELP Library, but my mother’s going to be arriving for her visit in a couple days. My chest feels tight and I’m having a hard time sucking a full breath of air in, and earlier today I had a grandmother of a headache. Ain’t stress grand?

It’s so frustrating. I thought I was past the point where she could affect me like this. Apparently not.

Calmblueocean, damn it.

Glad this is my short week. If I had to be at work tomorrow, I’d probably implode. As is, I needed sugar (Skittles from the vending machine at work), caffeine (two large cups of French Vanilla coffee), and drugs (Aleve) to get me through this afternoon.

Writing stats:

Finished a flash piece I started a long time ago. Figured flash-length was about what my attention span could handle. I’d forgotten about it and found it lying around my hard drive, waiting for a spit polish and shine. Out into the world it goes.

Also compiled a couple more submissions to the ELP Library and sent them to Raechel. I just love that venue! It’s such a perfect way to showcase excerpts.

About 100 words on the magic realism piece, and some of those were anti-words. I can’t focus. I can edit and re-write, but I’m having a hard time coming up with new word countage. Maybe the floodgates will open after my mother leaves.

Also, my dark fantasy piece is up on Critters this week. Not the best week to be getting critical feedback. Oh well. “What’s another straw?” said the overburdened donkey.

2003 seems to be the year of extremely short fiction for me. I’ve written and sold a lot of flash and short-shorts. Ironic because I was telling my father-in-law (who is also a writer) last Christmas that I just couldn’t write anything shorter than 2K and still have it be a complete story, and now I’m just cranking them out. Go figure.

Wonder if next year will be the year of the novel. That would be nice. Although I’m not giving up on the prospect of completing The Novel this year. Except I’ve put it down again, and it seems unlikely that I’ll be picking it up again any time soon.

Think I’ll go cling to Hobkin and Matthew while I stress about my mother’s impending visit.

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6 Responses to A Day of Sugar, Drugs, and Caffeine

  1. Have a little of glass of white wine before your mother arrive, it’ll help you relax. *grin*

  2. oracne says:

    Think I’ll go cling to Hobkin and Matthew while I stress about my mother’s impending visit.

    It’s good you have them. And think, the visit might go better than you think. Things don’t always go worse.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I’m sure I’m stressing myself needlessly and it’ll go fine. Just a bit awkwardly, but fine. But while my brain assures me of this, my emotional state is having a big ole hissy fit.

  3. I’m so sorry that your mother’s visit is stressing you, I completely understand how you feel. If you want to rant or just get out of the house to decompress, you are more than welcome to give me a call, or even just show up on my front door step. 🙂

    I hope all goes well, I will be thinking about you, Matt and Hobkin. *hugs a plenty*

    • Eugie Foster says:

      *hugs back* Thanks so much for the supportive words. I greatly appreciate them. I suspect I’ll be fine and the visit itself will be tons better than the build-up. I just wish it were over with already!

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