A few D*C ’02 pix

Matthew’s still sorting through all of our Dragon*Con pictures, but he showed me a few he took of me.

Stormtroopers taking me captive in the atrium. Maybe my chainmail wings gave them ideas?

Oh, what will they do with me?

Me on stage with the Jefferson Starship singer

And with Marty Balin

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4 Responses to A few D*C ’02 pix

  1. prosewitch says:

    *jealousy flares up at really cool costumes*

    And my gods, that corset! It’s fantastic!

    *jealousy flares up again at lack of con experience*

    You probably feel waaay cooler at a con in costume than “mundane” right?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I love corsets! Although, even before I started belly dancing, the way I danced involved a lot of abdominal undulations and that sort of movement is a little difficult wearing a corset. Trade-offs!

      You don’t do conventions? Oh, you should! You could wear your belly dance costumes in a non-belly dance setting. Another place to wear sequins and silk. Woot!

  2. cool pics. looks like you had a great time. 😉

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