A funky dreamscape.

I had this reoccurring dream again last night. It’s not nearly as interesting as the one where I’m going to work or class stark, bare-assed naked, but I haven’t had one of those in years. Plus Eugie-the-dreamer is always amused with that dream rather than mortified, which I think is what’s supposed to be the requisite emotion. (Hmm. What does that say about my psyche? Mostly that I’m not into dream analysis, I suspect.)

Anyway, my dream is that I’m getting ready for finals (Note: I’ve been out of school for years) and I realize that I’ve just plum completely forgotten about a class–Biology. Now why is it always Biology?–all semester long. And I’m all panic-stricken because there’s this big test coming up and I haven’t attended class all semester. Then, when I try to either 1. vainly attempt to make up the whole semester in one review sitting or 2. beg the professor for more time, I can’t remember where the classroom is and I can’t find my schedule book that will (ostensibly) tell me. Of course, if I had my schedule with me in the first place, I assume I wouldn’t have forgotten about the class. But why, for godsakes, am I dreaming about missed classes? It always leaves me with the vague feeling that I’ve forgotten something when I wake up.

I’d much rather have that sex dream where I’m flying over this forest of phallic trees . . . .

What’s really ironic is that I think Freud and his theories are all tom-quackery. Snarf.

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5 Responses to A funky dreamscape.

  1. sylphon says:

    Sounds like a Buffy episode 🙂

    • yakdog says:


      I’m not sure about the missed-class dream or the “go to ______” naked dream, but didn’t they do the “fly over a forest of phallus-shaped trees” dream two seasons ago? Those wacky Hollywood scriptwriters! *shakes head*

      • Eugie Foster says:

        Re: Hmmm…

        There was that one dream episode with the cheese man. And truly, on a subconscious level, aren’t all episodes of B:tVS about soaring over a chasm filled with genital-esque flora? Um. Well, maybe not.

        All hail Joss Whedon, God of Buffy.

  2. bigrob says:

    I graduated college YEARS ago, and I still have the “biology” dream about once a year. *sob*

    I myself prefer Jung. But Freud did get the ball rolling, gotta give him that.

    I will avoid comments on your dream nudididity.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      It’s a conspiracy by University Biology departments! “You will not skip classes, you will not skip classes.”

      ‘Fraid I’m not a proponent of any of the psychoanalysis schools of Psychology (funky dreamscapes notwithstanding) but then my subject de specialite was Developmental Psych. and hence if I have to go “theories yay!” I’d prefer to back Lev Vygotsky or even Jean Piaget. But I do agree with you that Freud was indeed a groundbreaker on that whole Psychology as a science thing. So on that scale, definitely go Siggy. But I think he needed to get laid more or something.

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