Agh! I ran out of coffee at work! Calamity! Catastrophe! Not a good thing!

I might have to buy some of the vile sludge that comes out of the coffee machines in order to make it through the day.

In better news: it’s my short week. Three-day weekend, starting tomorrow. Woohoo!

Last night, Matthew and I ordered sushi delivery from the little place around the corner. These guys make the best vegetarian sushi. Shitaki maki, mmmm. But we made the mistake of putting the sushi out a minute before feeding Hobkin. He lunged for it. Matthew grabbed him. But apparently the aroma of wasabi and sesame rice was too much for Hobkin’s self control. (He is, after all, a small animal with a brain the size of a walnut.) He bit Matthew. So I grabbed him (Hobkin, not Matthew) and then Hobkin bit me. Ouch. Eventually, we managed to lure him into his area with a bowl of veggies and skunk chow (beans & rice, yogurt, healthy powder) but then had to tend our wounds before enjoying our dinner.

Wisdom of the hour: Be wary when trying to keep a sharp-toothed animal away from your sushi.

Hobkin was contrite about it later, when his belly was full of his dinner, and came up on the couch for snuggles after dessert.

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