Dragon*Con Scavanger Hunt

Got my buttons for their Dragon*Con scavenger hunt in the mail the other day:

Collect buttons at Dragon*Con from the participating writers (Alethea Kontis, Eric Flint, James Maxey, Gray Rinehart, and me) and email with a photo of your button collection (or post it online and send a link to the AnthologyBuilder folks), and they’ll distribute prizes to the first 100 people who participate. The best prizes will go to photos that:

(1) Include multiple badges
(2) Include a costume
(3) Are unusually inventive

Folks can get my buttons by coming up to me at the panels I’m doing, catching me at Daily Dragon headquarters (Chicago in the Hyatt), or swinging by my signing on Saturday at 4PM in M301-M304 in the Marriott. is a neat and innovative concept for both writers and readers. It allows writers to offer their previously published stories to readers who can select stories a la carte to create their own customized, unique anthologies in a beautiful, perfect-bound, 6×9 inch trade paperback. Shiny!

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