ARGH. MicroSHOCKS news.

Well, I’ve hit another writing milestone, officially. A market that I had a story accepted to bit it. 3F Publications/Demonic Books the publisher of the MicroSHOCKS anthology announced that they’re effectively folding. The editor said that he will continue to look for another publisher. But still . . .


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  1. jenwrites says:

    Aw crap. I’m so sorry. I haven’t hit that milestone, but I have had publications fold before getting back to me on submissions.

  2. oracne says:

    At least it’s a milestone?

    If one market bought it, another will.

  3. I’m sorry. But, I agree… if they bought it, someone else will. Besides, you are absolutely fabulous – how could people not buy your stories?

    *many hugs*

  4. darkficwtr says:


    Anderson has a micro piece of mine as well. It’s been since early May and I was thinking of querying the status of the antho, but I suppose there is no need to now. I knew that 3F/Demonic Books were in finacial straits, but I thought they were in the process of reorganizing…

    What a bummer.

    Oh well, Press On.

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