News I Can’t Tell and News I Can

Thankfully, yesterday was neither as long nor as grueling as I expected. Got home before 9:30. And, as an end of day pick-me-up, I received some amazing news.

Got it at work and just barely managed not to whoop out loud, but it was a close thing. Did babble it to my co-editors—after calling Matthew, of course; otherwise I would’ve gone ‘splody-boom at my desk. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to squee publicly about until next month.

So as not to be accused of being (too much of) a tease, here’s news I can tell: PodCastle asked me to narrate “Honored Guest” by Ellen Kushner for a forthcoming podcast. I read and adored this story when it was originally published in the Coyote Road anthology, so of course I said I’d be delighted to.

Crossover Day 2010 and Featured Special Guest of C. Dennis Moore

The current legislative session calendar has Crossover Day (Day 30) as this Friday. Blargh. Crossover Day is the deadline for when bills have to pass at least one chamber or be dropped, and usually goes to midnight or later for the legislature and therefore us Office of Legislative Counsel folks. Gonna be a loooong Friday night.

Next week, they’ll be in session for a few days, and then they’re recessing again for another week. At this rate, we’re going to be in session ’till May. So not happy.

In other (better) news, cdennismoore featured me as a Special Guest on his website and had some very nice things to say .

Gifts Not Asked For Parts IV & V and Plague-ridden Editorial Department

Most of the editors in my office have been laid low by a cold bug, including me (*sniffle cough*). No doubt Hobkin feels more chipper than I do right now, but does he get me soup? …’Course, his idea of comfort food is mealworms and crickets so that’s probably just as well.

In other news, Part IV: Temple of Mau and Part V: Healer’s Gift (conclusion) of “Gifts Not Asked For” is out in the January ’10 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly (I somehow missed when this issue came out originally). I’m also doing a week-long author Q&A on the Bards & Sages discussion forum during the week of 2/22. Be sure to swing by!