Our Anniversary!

It’s fosteronfilm and my “lace” wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long–well, yes and no. I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly, but I can’t conceive of life without my hubby.

In those years we’ve shared three homes, underwent a four-state relocation, earned two college degrees (both mine, as Matthew had already finished his college years when we met), lived with seven ferrets, had three jobs come and go, witnessed the beginning of my writing career, and seen a myriad of sicknesses, triumphs, and stresses. And we got a skunk. What will the next thirteen years with each other bring? I’m looking forward to finding out.

fosteronfilm and I started out the celebratory activities with a nice, long soak in the hot tub. Very nice of the Atlanta weather to have a cool spell to accommodate our hot tubbing proclivities. Then we went out to eat at the Roasted Garlic where we gorged on tapas and pasta. Italian food is very filling. Oof. Came home for a dessert of mint-chocolate cake and coffee, and now we’re digesting.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Dude_the okay, Apex interview

Got a phone call from dude_the late last night. He was in an accident on his way home from work. His air bag deployed, his car was totaled, but he’s okay. He said he’s got a couple burns from the air bag, and he’s surprised his glasses didn’t break. Apparently they came off when the air bag went, but they withstood the impact. Both him and the other guy were checked into the hospital and were released. The hospital people want dude_the to come back in for a follow-up, but the important thing is that he’s okay–alive, nothing broken, and no head trauma.

Writing Stuff

Got an email from Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest. They want to interview me for their Summer issue. Of course I said “yes.” My first interview!

Happy Holidays – short version

Back safe and sound from the Midwest where we had a fantabulous Christmas with the folks. Details and in-depth commentary to come at a later date, but in brief:

– We were stranded in the middle of Kentucky on I-24 for ten hours on Wednesday PM/Thursday AM. I mean car in park, bumper-to-bumper, no movement either way, stranded. They called the national guard out and opened shelters for people who had plowed their vehicle into a snow drift. But overall, we were pretty lucky. We didn’t skid into a ditch or get stuck, plus we had brought munchies and filled up the tank with gas right before hitting Kentucky.
– Acquired many shiny prezzies.
– Hobkin had a great time at skunk camp but is delighted to be back at home. He’s currently asleep in my lap.
– We’re back home now. Matthew’s asleep on the couch. The world is good.

Going to try to catch up on my Friends List now. Try . . .

Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Solstice/Kwanzaa/whatever!

Writing Stuff:

Came home to:
214-day “good but not quite” from Weird Tales
125-day SALE to Cricket. Woohoo! Got my sales fix and notched a final end-of-year sale to my belt!

Botanical Garden and pix

Took the folks (it’s a bit strange typing that still) to the Botanical Gardens yesterday. It’s a good place to bring parental entities. Pretty trees and flowers, leisurely strolling, the occasional frog, goldfish, bird, and/or butterfly, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. My step-dad is diabetic, only slightly so, but my mom has apparently banned ice cream in their home in Beijing, so he was delighted to be able to have an ice cream cone at the gardens. (He reassured Matthew and I that he’s allowed to have such things as long as it’s only in moderation.)

The gardens were also having a glass sculpture exhibit featuring the works of Dale Chihuly. The glasswork was lovely all intermingled with the existing garden flora, fauna, and sculptures. The hand blown glass came in a myriad of bright colors. There were red and orange static flames coming out of the fountains, otherworldly floating colored globes in the ponds, Cthulu-esque tentacles with the orchids, and fiery glass stems rising out of the cacti and succulents. Pretty pretty.

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Parental visit update

My mom and my step-dad flew in yesterday from San Diego. They’ve been jet-setting around the world, partly business, partly holiday. My step-dad is an engineering professor and keeps getting asked to do guest lectures and stuff. They just got back from Poland, Paris, and San Diego. And they’re going to Niagra Falls when they leave Atlanta.

Those crazy kids.

So far, the visit has been nice. They gave us a box of Chinese green tea. I gave them a copy of my Ascendancy of Blood chapbook. We chatted and had dinner at the local Roasted Garlic. I also asked them for pronunciation hints and tips on some of the pinyin I used in my middle-grade book. They seemed interested in reading it (since it’s set in China, with Chinese mythology in it), so I printed out a copy of it to give them today. Also printed out a copy of “Li T’ien and the Demon Nian” to give them. Interestingly, because of the communist influence in mainland China, cultural mythology/religion isn’t that widespread. The basic tenets of the mythology in my book–the Chinese afterlife, the dual souls, etc.–elicited some blank looks, and then some rapid-fire Chinese between them as they tried to identify it.

We’re taking them to the Botanical Gardens today. And then they want to eat at a nice Chinese restaurant for dinner. A nice, relaxing Sunday with the folks.

They want us to visit them in Beijing. My step-dad is an awfully good influence on my mother. I’m actually tempted to go. It would be nice to be able to do some story research. There’s nothing as good for a muse (my muse, at least) as travel.

Of some distress: our Accord seems to have freaked out. Suddenly, while we were driving to the Roasted Garlic, several of the red indicator lights lit on the dashboard: the “doors are open” light, the “supplemental restraint system” warning light (that goes on when the side airbag sensors are blocked), and the “battery is not charging properly” warning light. WTF? Matthew turned the radio off, and they all went off. WTF? As near was we can figure it, we think the stereo might have short-circuited the dashboard electronics. We wouldn’t worry about it, except the car is making a sort of whining, whirring noise now.

We made an appointment to bring it in on Wednesday, and we’re swiching primary cars until then. Unfortunately, our other car is a Honda Prelude, one of the sporty coupe models. The backseat is an afterthought, installed purely for insurance purposes so that it’s not classified as a two-seater. I don’t know how we’re going to fit four people in it. And the air conditioner is broken. Ugh.

Timing is not our friend.

Last Dragon*Con director’s meeting, Happy Birthday Matthew!

It’s Matthew’s birthday today! Happy Birthday to my hubby. I made him a chocolate cream pie (his favorite), and there’s a nice pile of prezzies waiting for him to ooo and ahhh over. I used some of the promo posters to wrap them . . .

The last Dragon*Con director’s meeting was yesterday. Much fun, and the convention fed us again. I grabbed a whole yellow bell pepper, an apple, and a banana from the buffet table to bring home to mollify Hobkin with. Got a chance to gab and/or wave at dire_epiphany, astralfire, fingerman, and tk0667. Also managed to unload about nine of the countless boxes of promo posters, and a box of The Grudge hats. Woohoo! I will get my dining room back . . . eventually.

Hmm. Matthew just came wandering out. Appears he’s insomniac, the poor thing. Going to go keep him company until he falls back asleep.

Writing Stuff:

My (tentative) schedule as a guest for Dragon*Con:
“Marketing Short Fiction” Fri. 11AM (Ann Crispin’s Workshop)
“So You Want to Write a Kid’s Book” Fri. 4PM (YA Lit. Track)
“The Roots of Science Fiction and Fantasy” Sat. 2:30 (YA Lit. Track)
“Is it Horror?” Sat. 8:30PM (Writers Track)

I also asked the director of the Writers Track if I could glomp onto the “Transylvania Twist” panel at 7PM on Saturday. That one’s about vampire fiction, and I figure it’d be a good panel for me because well, I write vampire fiction and I’ve got a vampire chapbook to hawk. Plus it’s right before my other Writers Track panel so I could just sit in the same room. Convenient.

Back from the Caribbean, Cricket sale, and various rejections

Got back yesterday from a week long Caribbean cruise with the family. Wonderful time, although now I’m back on land, I keep getting inner ear tweaks that make me think the ground is moving beneath me. Details and pictures from the cruise coming soon! I’m compiling my notes and logs, and downloading pictures from our new camera.

Writing Stuff:

Going through the various Critters critiques I’ve received last week. Email was crap on the ship so I didn’t read them while onboard.

After coming home to a week’s worth of new mail. Received:
SALE to Cricket for my folk tale “The King of Rabbits and Moon Lake”! Good news indeed to return to!
– Rejection from Cicada. Pook. While they really liked the story, they thought it too emotionally wrenching for their teen audience, and hence not right for them.
– Rejection from Talebones – personalized. “Almost, please send more soon.”
– Rejection from Sci-Fiction – from Ellen Datlow, “not subtle enough” for her.
– Rejection from Asimov’s – form from Sheila Williams (sigh).

Oof. But I’m happy-dancing ’bout another sale to Cricket!

Also, my excerpt “Visiting Day” is up at the ELP Library with very cool cover art: