Standing With Wendy

While I am fiery-passionate about my political and ethical views, it’s been a LONG while since I’ve felt anything but weary resignation, watching the rise of disenfranchising political movements as they strip away my rights, my freedoms, my very voice. It hasn’t made for great impetus to speak out, or about, what I believe in. After all, it’s exhausting throwing oneself again and again into a futile fray, and I am so very tired these days. But what happened last night in the Texas legislature was absolutely inspiring—both the strength and conviction that enabled one woman to stand up and speak, without eating, resting, taking any sort of a break, for nearly 13 hours to prove that an individual can make a difference, as well as the groundswell of support from the people, the public to see it through to the end. Not a mob but a united front, a force and power that demanded to be heard. A voice.

Thank you Wendy Davis, Texas demonstrators at the state capitol, and everyone who stood with Wendy for reminding me that to be heard, we must speak. And thank you as well for restoring a little bit of faith in this jaded, cynical heart. You were all an inspiration. Continue reading