All’s well on the bronchial front, Witch’s Oven up

The bronchoscopy happened. According to my doctor, everything looked fine–nothing worrisome or abnormal. So it seems even more likely that stress is the culprit of my breathing difficulties. Why does that not make me feel better?

On the whole, the procedure experience was unmemorable. Literally. They gave me anesthesia and sedatives both locally and intravenously. There’s a bruise forming on the top of my hand from the IV. I wish they wouldn’t put the things there. I much prefer the inside elbow location for an IV. Hurts less. Anyway, one of the effects of the anesthesia is short-term memory loss. I remember breathing the lidocaine gas and my tongue and throat going numb. And I remember the anesthesiologist injecting something into my IV. Then nothing until I opened my eyes in recovery to see Matthew grinning down at me.

Apparently, though, I was awake and responsive throughout the whole thing. Matthew assures me that my eyes were wide open when they wheeled me into recovery. And I was speaking and responding to questions. But the interesting thing is, I kept asking the same questions over and over again, as though I’d forgotten that I’d asked the question and what the answer was. Which I had. Things like “what time is it?” and “when will the anesthesia wear off so I can eat?” I remember the last time I asked those questions . . . at which point I stopped asking. But couldn’t figure out why Matthew kept chuckling at me. Appears he’d been answering me in something of a loop for a while there.

Weird drug that. It basically zapped my extremely short-term memory so I couldn’t retain anything. Before I went in, the nurse told me that amnesia was one of the effects, and I determined to try to hang in there as long as I could, try to see what I could remember. Nope. Out like a light. Or rather, not out, but insensibly awake like a light.

Also interesting that my brain works in such a predictable fashion that I ask the exact same questions over and over again, coming out of a medical procedure.

Aside from an odd sensation in one of my sinuses, that was a wholly unpainful procedure. Don’t even have a sore throat.

But I do wonder if I was in any pain or discomfort during the bronchoscopy–considering they stuck a tube up my nose–but I simply can’t remember it. ‘Course I also had a lot of numbing agent, so the odds of me feeling anything even if I could remember it are slim to none.


First thing I did as soon as I could swallow and therefore eat/drink again, was have a big cup of coffee. Tube-in-nose notwithstanding, I was hurting for my caffeine fix.

Writing Stuff:

Obviously, not much writing got done yesterday. I was loopy for hours after I got home, quite incapable of putting written words in any semblance of decent order.

But I did check the Abyss & Apex site and while it seems that part ii of issue #9 is still in the process of being published, “Inside the Witch’s Oven” is up, as is a poem by Tim Myers. The link to the short by Bruce Boston, however, is still not functional. I’ll be sharing a TOC with Bruce Boston! Eventually.

I’m also amused that “Witch’s Oven” is the opening story of part ii. Very cool.


So I got a phone call from my Pulmonary doctor yesterday asking me if I was ready for my bronchoscopy today. I knew we were going to schedule one, but I hadn’t heard back from him on when, so this came as something of a surprise. Seems he left a message on our machine that we apparently missed.

Going into the hospital this afternoon. Should be a fairly routine procedure. They’re going to anesthetize me groggy, but not out, and then stick a tube into my bronchial passageways to see how they look. I’m trying not to dwell too much on the tube-sticking part. When it’s over, I go home, then get to lounge around on the couch, letting the anesthesia run its course through my system. I expect there will be napping.

I’m not supposed to eat or drink anything. Midnight was the last time I could put anything in my stomach. I drank a lot of water then so I could put off dehydration for as long as possible. Now, I’m fighting to not to dwell on food. And coffee. I’m really craving coffee.

I’m not phobic about hospitals or medical procedures, but they’re not my favorite things either.

Writing Stuff:

Cranked out another 1000 words on the fantasy piece. Trying to figure out where I want to go with this. There’s enough of a story burbling around in my head to extend it out to a longer work–novelette or novella–if I wanted to. But at the same time, I could also wrap this up within normal short story lengths if I kept it bare bones. Ponder ponder ponder.

Saw on the Nightshade discussion board that next up at Sci-Fiction will be a novella co-written by Gardner Dozois, George R.R. Martin, and Daniel Abraham. Ellen Datlow is publishing it as a serial in three parts. It’ll be interesting reviewing this one. Also, there was a little commentary on my Tangent reviews, which is cool. Nice to know I’m being read.

Fun with Excel

Had a follow-up with my Rheumatologist today. He agreed to finally wean me completely off the Prednisone. At last.

Had some major problems with my right contact lens at work today. Not sure what was wrong, but I couldn’t tolerate the thing in my eye, so I took it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have either lens case or glasses with me, so I spent the last couple hours at work with 1.5 eyes. The drive home was . . . interesting. I was seriously considering sticking a post-it over my eye as an impromptu eye patch to at least give me some semblance of decent vision, but figured it wouldn’t stay even if I did. And my eye still hurts. Ow.

Writing stuff:

Progress is not being made. Instead, I’ve been playing with Excel. I migrated all my MS Word logs to Excel spreadsheets, and then merrily ran stats on everything I could think of.

Submissions out: 33
Average # days waiting: 67

Genre/length Breakdown:
Fantasy short stories: 15
Horror short stories: 4
Science Fiction short stories: 6
Children’s stories: 6
Book length works: 1
flash stories: 1

Sales: 30
Average # subs per story: 6
# sold on first trip out: 11
Rejections/sales ratio: 10/1
(For 2004: 5/1)

Fantasy: 3
Horror: 9
Science Fiction: 4
Children’s: 6
Flash/Excerpts: 6
Reprints: 2

Total works (both out and sold): 61

Fantasy: 18
Horror: 13
Science Fiction: 10
Children’s: 12
Flash/Excerpts: 7
Book length: 1

I need to quit putzing around with numbers and get some words written. Sheesh.