White blood count down

Got a phone call from my Rheumatologist’s office yesterday. I was at the interview, so wasn’t there to pick up. Didn’t notice the message light was flashing until after lunch. I don’t like phones, so I had fosteronfilm call them back. My doc folks typically give Matthew a hard time, saying that they’re not allowed to talk to him about me–even though I swear I filled out a form thingy giving them permission to do so–but my Rheumatologist’s staff are cool. After a brief check pause, they told Matthew why they called.

It seems that the lab work I had done revealed that my white blood count is down. This could be due to the Imuran, in which case it’s bad. Quite bad. I’m going back in for more lab work in a couple weeks–having them leech out more blood–to determine if it was a fluke or a real concern. If my count remains down, they’re going to have to pull me from the Imuran. I’m very unhappy at that possibility, not that I’m joyous about taking Imuran or anything, actually the stuff terrifies me when I think about it, but we just got all my medications leveled out. The prospect of starting another med, risking allergic reactions and other side-effects, perhaps even a flare-up, is a depressing one. Thought I’d managed to get on an even keel. Although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Been under a lot of stress. Of course my stupid human suit would freak out.

Writing Stuff

Received payment for “When the Lights Go Out” today. In pounds sterling, even, and currently the exchange rate between pounds and dollars is pretty sweet. A nice little pick-me-up.

My folktale is now up at Critters. Three crits this morning (including one from wistling, thanks!). It’s being well-received thus far.

Damn you, LJ!

Well, crap. LJ ate my original post. Bastards! That’ll teach me not to compose in a client.

In brief, I didn’t exercise yesterday, so that counter gets zeroed out. Bad Eugie. I got distracted by a work issue and by the time I had it sorted out–not resolved, but sorted out–I was exhausted and it was very late. So I went to sleep instead of getting out the yoga mat. Foo. Well, I knew I sucked at sticking to an exercise program, so I’m not totally disheartened.

Also, our DVD-ROM is not well. It’s troubled. It errors out on more burns that it succeeds on. Matthew thinks we may have a bad DVD-R spindle, which is possible. He just opened a new one and all of the errors have occurred on those discs. But the burner might be ailing too. Hardware problems. I don’t like hardware problems.

Writing Stuff

Got a registered and insured package from DHL this morning. Thankfully the delivery person was quite determined as I was not in any condition to answer the door. She rang the bell and then pounded on the door when that didn’t bring me fast enough. A hastily-donned night shirt and jamie-pants later, I was delighted to see the package was from Greece! After tearing it open, I confirmed that it was indeed my check from 9 for my “Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile” reprint. Yay for being paid! It’s in Euros and I don’t know how much the bank will subtract in the exchange, but money is good. Amusing that that little ditty of a story that I rattled out with my tongue firmly planted in cheek has earned me so much money, over $1000 between the Cicada sale and the 9 reprint for a 4K worder. Sweet. I immediately sent off another reprint to 9 in the hopes they’ll translate and buy another reprint. I love the Greeks.

New words: 1000
On an essay. Normally I wouldn’t count non-fiction writing, but this one was hard to write and it took up all of my fiction-writing time to compose. It’s not meant for publication either, but I’m going to count it in my 100/day dammit. Although not in my 500 tally.

Handed off the folktale to Matthew to first reader. He hasn’t yet. I shall prod him mercilessly.

Club 100 For Writers

Lost in Translation and more with the writing biz

Watched Lost in Translation yesterday with Matthew. I want those hours of my life back. While the insight into modern Japanese culture was interesting, the story–if you could call it that–and the characters, most definitely were not. Yuck. Pretentious pretentious pretentious. And boring.

Writing Stuff

So, after the first positive agent response, I got a form “not interested in you, you fool!” from a different one in the mail yesterday. C’est la vie. Then I got a call from Ann Crispin! She’s recommending me to an agent in her agency, Writers House LLC. She’s sending them an email on my behalf and everything. She’s the utter and total best. It would be so completely amazing if I could land a Writers House agent. Ooo.

Also spent the last few days making banners for Scrybe Press. Go HERE to see them.

And I finally got the check from Cricket for “Razi and the Sunbird.” Now if they’ll only slot in for publication the other seven stories of mine they’ve bought . . .

Eugie not so good with the waiting.

All about the writing

Writing Stuff:

Wrote a critters critique for one of my favorite regulars (our mutual friend, britzkrieg).

jinzi has already paid me for “Only Springtime When She’s Gone.” Uber coolness.

Got my first glimpse of the cover art for “Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart” from Kirk Alberts. It’s glorious! Full color art with main colors a rich, blood-red crimson, and a shadowy black. I’m delighted with what he’s come up with. Can’t wait to hold the finished product in my eager little hands.

Received a pile of review books for Tangent in the mail. I think I’m going to need to clear some space to store all my review material. The current “pile it on any open counter space” isn’t working out well. I’m running out of counter space.

21-day “does not suit our present needs” signed reject from Analog.
78-day “It’s not at all bad but . . .” with invite to send more from Ellen Datlow at Sci-Fiction. I’m quite pleased with this one as far as rejections go. She also thanked me for taking over Tangent.

Sunny Tuesday and Still Mood Issues

Sleep was weird and wacky last night. Fell asleep on the couch at a ridiculously early hour–around 7PM–then woke up at around midnight. Matthew was putting on Resident Evil (a la NetFlix) and since I hadn’t seen it, I decided to put my glasses on, stay up, and watch it too. ‘Course, I’ve got a pronounced terror and aversion to shambling dead things. It’s the slow-moving scary things that get me for some reason. Leggy worms and zombies give me the screaming willies, but I’m dandy with snakes and vampires. So I watched about two-thirds of the movie, the beginning and the end, and took my glasses off and listened to the middle, zombie-laden third, periodically pestering Matthew with “So what’s happening now?” and “Who’s that screaming?” as I peered at the television with my egregiously myopic eyes. Blurriness is a good buffer against visual terror.

So now I’ve experienced Resident Evil sans the zombie portions. They captured the mood and feeling excellently–from what I saw. I really like the soundtrack and how well it meshed with the movie. I think Marilyn Manson should switch career gears and just do soundtracks.

I’m contemplating seeing Resident Evil 2, but somehow taking off my glasses (or covering my eyes) in the theater doesn’t seem right.

However, fun, escapist, adventure-horror flick notwithstanding, it means my sleep was fractured. I had a difficult time getting back to sleep after the movie, not because of the movie (since I had taken pains to immure myself from the Eugie-traumatizing bits), but because my brain wouldn’t shut down. Tossing, turning, miscellaneous limb repositioning. When I finally did fall asleep, it was a fitful slumber, chock full of weird dreams. Blah.

Facing another day of post dysfunctional sleep, I decided to aggressively self-medicate. Had a double-tall cup of coffee, a pot of green tea, and two Sudafeds. Result: pounding heart, sniffly nose, and the shakes. Mood: incessantly glum.

Stupid brain.

Writing Stuff:

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine paid me for “Body and Soul Art.” Woohoo! Those Aussie folks run a high-quality production. I’m very pleased with my experience with them. Greatly looking forward to seeing “The Life and Times of Penguin” next year in their February issue.

Fantasy story progress: 300 new words. I think I wrote myself into a corner. Not sure how, as I had the whole damn plot outlined in my head. But the main character ended up in a different place, personality-wise, than I planned, and now I’m stymied.

While stewing about that, I revived an old story concept. One of my writers groups is having a Shelley story challenge, where we all try to write something for Halloween. This is a story I was mulling a couple Halloweens ago for a Samhain-themed anthology but never made much progress on. It’d be ideal for the Shelley challenge, assuming I finish it. Looking over my notes and my initial outline, I think I know why I stopped working on it. The plot looks like it’ll be longer than short story length. Might end up being a novelette, maybe longer. I think I got discouraged when I realized that. Now that I’ve actually completed a novella-length work, perhaps I’ll be able to see this project through. Or maybe I’ll write a couple thousand words and give up again.

Monday doldrums

Monday again. Yuck. Major motivation issues, even with a large pot of green tea as encouragement. I seem to be having some general initiative issues of late. Must engage ass in gear . . . wingstubs ache too, which isn’t remotely helpful.

Writing Stuff:

Story Station paid me for “Second Daughter”, yay!
– My review of “The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid” by Walter Jon Williams is up at Tangent.
– The critiques of “Caught Between” continue to trickle in. Started on my rewrite. Hope to have it out the door by Thursday. Maybe Friday.
– Completed my synopsis for Nathan of Scrybe Press and sent it off.
– Wrote a couple critiques for Critters.org.
– Replied to Ann Crispin about guest speaking at her workshop. Still get the jitters thinking about it, so I’m encouraging a personal state of denial until I need to plan out what I’m going to say. And sent her a market-listing handout for her students.