Getting out and about in the name of inde film

I decided I needed to get out of the house yesterday. The Atlanta Film Festival folks asked Matthew to work yesterday evening at the Rialto, so I decided to tag along both to be helpful and I figure my muse is getting a bit starved, sitting in my living room, without anything fresh to feed her.

As far as muse food goes, it wasn’t really much of a buffet. I got some good imagery from the MARTA station and the walk to the Rialto–skateboarders videotaping their stunts, a guy sitting on a step of the loooong escalator while chatting on the phone–but the film festival people watching wasn’t all that inspiring. Alas.

Writing Stuff

Yay, a sale! A sale! I sold my dark little story, “In Suffering Lies Salvation,” to jinzi‘s awesome ezine, I’m so glad this story is finally getting a good home. It’s been dangling in a terrible limbo for years after being accepted for an anthology that got delayed and delayed and is now on indefinite hiatus. Whew. Finally, my “I can’t sell a damn thing” streak has been broken. It’s slated for a special issue due out, Lentish.

I saw on the TTA discussion forum that Andy Cox has decided to rename his flagship magazine, The Third Alternative, to Black Static. He’s not planning on doing any crossover titles or anything like that. Issue #42 was the last TTA, and the next one will have the new name. I dunno. I liked the old name, and more to the point, it was an institution in and of itself. I’m going to miss it. I’m sure I’ll grow to love Black Static as much, but still, nostalgia and all . . .

New Words: 400
On a new short story set in the same world as the last one, upon fosteronfilm‘s suggestion.

Club 100 For Writers

Taxes and Polish SALE!

We put the finishing touches on our taxes yesterday. The only thing left are the envelopes and stamps. Whew. And we’re getting a refund. Not as big as refunds in past years, but still, a helluva lot better than having to pay.

To celebrate, we mixed up some more gin drinks–Matthew thinks they’re closer to being gin & tonics than Tom Collinses. They’re a jigger of gin, a jigger of lime, a sprinkle of sweetener, tonic water to taste, and lotso ice. Whatever. Yum. Anyway, we put on Interview with a Vampire, popped some corn, and I got nicely toasted.

Writing Stuff

12-day SALE to Nowa Fantastyka! I sold a Polish reprint of “All in My Mind”! The editor also said that he really liked my work and asked me to send him several of my stories. If he likes them, he’s going to bundle a contract for multiple works. Another sale to a venue that publishes in a language I can’t read. Woohoo!

Finished up the “author’s notes” that my Cricket editor requested. It’s going out in the mail today.

Also assembled a care package for jackzodiac for his Make a Wish Foundation Charity Auction at Mobicon (it’s going out in today’s mail too, Davey!).

Final Wonderfalls and Cricket SALE!

Received the third DVD of the Wonderfalls set from Netflix, mixed up a couple Tom Collinses, popped some corn, and watched the last five episodes yesterday. Being flayed with butter knives is too good for the Fox execs. Wah! But I’m glad the writers had time to wrap up the season on a good ending note. Still, it sucks that there’s all this crap on TV and they cancel shows like Wonderfalls. Ptoo.

Got tipsy on gin, which is pretty decent therapy too, although not one I plan to engage in on a regular basis–for obvious reasons.

Writing Stuff

101-day SALE to Cricket! They bought my short story “The Raven’s Brocade,” my tenth sale to the Cricket Magazine Group. I needed a sale, and once again, these fine folks deliver. I love my Cricket editor! She also wants me to write an author’s note to accompany the story. The author’s note alone will probably pay more than some whole stories I’ve written. Yay!

Woohoo! Reprint sale . . . in Greek!

Writing Stuff

Just got an email from the Greek language publication, 9 (the biggest newspaper in Greece). They published a Greek translation reprint of my short story “The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile” in their Feb. 16, 2005, #240 issue. Payment (in Euros) is on its way as well as my contrib. copies, err, which I won’t be able to read, but so cool anyway!

Woot! My first Greek Language publication!


Phone call this AM. Long chat. Resulting in: I’ve got an agent!

I’m now officially a client of William Reiss, Vice-President of John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

My agent (I love how that sounds) also represents John Katzenbach, Gregory Maguire, Janet Fitch, and Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, among others, and his agency has (had) clients including P.G. Wodehouse, Malcolm X, and Joyce Carol Oates! He’s been with the agency since 1971 and JH&A is the first literary agency in the U.S., established in 1893. And yes, they’re a member of AAR (actually, they founded AAR!).

Woohooo!! Must go breathe now.

Still sick, but happy

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and/or alien mucus-harvesting commiseration.

Writing Stuff

Having a very good sales month! Just found out that the editor liked the rewrite I did of “The Wizard of Eternal Watch and the Keeper of Forever” and he wants to buy it for his Razor-edged Arcanum anthology. Hurray!

In less “yay” news:
4-day “it was well received but . . . ” from Lenox Ave.
105-day “not for us” from Feral Fiction.

But y’know, the sting of rejection is pretty toothless after a series of juicy sales.

Still oozing mucus. Returning to bed.

Woohoo! So Fey sale!

I just got off the phone with mroctober. He said he loved my huli jing story, “Year of the Fox,” and wants it for his So Fey anthology. Not only did he fill my ear with glowing words of praise that made me all squeaky and gleeful, but he’s officially fulfilled another writerly milestone. He’s the first editor to call me to tell me they want to buy a story!

Happy happy happy happy happy!!