Awake past my bedtime

Woke up at 2 am today for no reason and now can’t get back to sleep. Took a mega honker prescription-strength muscle relaxant prescribed for my TOS and now I feel light-headed and a bit giddy. Hoping that will knock me back into sleepyland soon.

Bought an electric lawn-mower today. Sigh. Cheaper than getting a service. And it’s nice and clean, environmentally sound, and fairly light. Matthew will probably sweep it over the yard tomorrow. He’s reading the instructions now. Hope he doesn’t mow over the extension cord.

Finished the daunting re-write of the that fantasy piece I’ve been laboring over. It ended up being around 7K words. That’s after a one-thousand words cut, and new words stuck in to replace them. After the re-write, I was up about 600 words from the zero draft. That’s not too bad as I wondered if the changes I was going to make would bump it into being a novelette. Apparently not. Glad to have the rewrite complete. Going to have Matthew read it again and then throw it up on Critters.

Hmm. I need another MPC.

Okay, now I’m dizzy. Going to go lie down.

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7 Responses to Awake past my bedtime

  1. alladinsane says:

    Rest up and get recharged…you have a crown to lord above all this weekend…

    Been pondering an electric mower purchase meself…what kind did you guys get?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      *sniffle* I know. The day when I must pass on my crown is almost here. I’ll no longer be the “reigning Ms. Fantasm” but “last year’s has been.” Wah!

      On the lawnmower front, we got a Black & Decker 1350 from Sears. It’s got 12 amps and a reversible handle–which is the feature that sold us. It was quite affordable compared to the gas guzzling variety. Don’t know how it does on grass yet, though.

      • alladinsane says:

        Stiff and nonsense on being a has been…I know all the past Ms. Fantasms and each and every lovely one of em is NOT a has been…and you with your talent can never be one…

        Thanks for the mower info…let me know how it works for you…though if I dont get soon employed I wont have to worry about a yard or house anymore..

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Aw shucks. You’re such a sweetie!

          The mower got the thumbs up from Matthew, so it would appear that it works well enough, although he did say that the whole cord thing was something of a pain.

          Goodness, but the economy is just not getting any better, is it? I hope your employment situation turns around soon.

          And hey, I just sent a Fantasm-related email to your email address. I didn’t know if that was your main one or how often you checked it, so this is just a head’s up.

  2. amokk says:

    Yeah. Writing my story that I should have been writing for the past 2 weeks now, it’s due in ::checks clock:: 9.5 hours. And I only have 1500 words or so. I have got to stop slacking.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Go go go! You can do it! Err, how long is it supposed to be?

      • amokk says:

        As long as I want it to be. 😉

        We’re workshopping them in class and then revising them to turn in at the end of the semester (which is also perilously close). The longest turned in was some 35 pages, double spaced and double sided (and from an idiot in class, mostly gibbering monkey talk) and the shortest is 5 pages, double spaced single sided. I’m at 7.5 pages, 2500 words now, and I’m just going to wind it up so it looks complete and be able to expand it in the revisions later.

        I had a different story in my mind originally, but you know how that goes. 😉

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