“Beautiful Winter” sold to OSC’s IGMS and first IZ#220 review

Week 1 of session 2009 down. Felt pretty wiped by end of week, but so far, it hasn’t been too bad. Late night every day (‘cept Friday; the legislators scamper out on Friday as soon as they can, so we hardly ever work late on Fridays during session). But not that late, and I didn’t have to work this weekend.

I think my recent med change is causing me to be less resilient than I was last year. Not much I can do about it but keep on chugging along.

The fierce cold didn’t help. Friday was cold in the way I hoped never to be cold again—that whole moving to the South from the frigid Midwest and all. Painfully cold with a bitter windchill that steals the breath and numbs the face and fingers in under a minute. But it’s warmed up a bit, thankfully. All hail the amazing Georgia sun.


Writing Stuff

Eagerly awaiting my contrib. copy of Interzone #220 which is winging its way to me across the pond. I saw a review of the issue from the blogosphere which made me happy. Regarding “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast”:

“The dream-like world that Foster paints is so beguilingly strange that this tale might have worked just as well even without the explanatory backstory, but regardless this is gloriously strange stuff, and a pleasantly untypical science fiction story.”
—Lawrence Conquest, The Barking Dog

Beguilingly strange“! Sweet!

• 90-day SALE of “Beautiful Winter” to OSC’s InterGalactic Medicine Show. This is the story that was orphaned when Prime Books’ Russian Winters anthology got nixed, so I’m extra doubly pleased that the story was able to find such a wonderful new home.

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11 Responses to “Beautiful Winter” sold to OSC’s IGMS and first IZ#220 review

  1. alaneer says:

    Congrats on the sale and great review!

  2. And ‘gloriously strange.’ I like that! 😀

  3. j_cheney says:

    Congrats on the sale!!

  4. mroctober says:

    Awesome news about the sale. And to an even bigger market. Very cool.

  5. Oh, congrats! It’s a good story, and I’m glad it found a home.

  6. matt_betts says:

    That’s great! What a wonderful review. You must be very excited. Hopefully, I’ll get to read that story soon!

    Congrats on the sale as well!

  7. douglascohen says:

    Congrats on the sale!

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