Best Droid Apps Revisited: Five New Fun Apps and Some Honorable Mentions

Rounding out my best Droid apps reprise are five additions to my โ€œMost Funโ€ apps list:

  1. Furry Creatures 11 Clocks Set – A collection of clock widgets for your home screen that are shortcuts to the stock alarm settings. Not for everyone, but all the fuzzy beast clock widgets made me go squee. I’m a girl. They’re cute.
  2. iLightr Virtual Lighter – It’s a Zippo lighter you can flip open, flick to light, and blow out. The flame even responds if you tip the phone. It’ll make you the hit of any party…so long as no one needs a real light.
  3. IMDB Movies and TV – Been waiting for this one. The perfect companion to the Flixster Movies app.
  4. Instant Heart Rate – It measures your heart rate using your phone’s camera! You put your finger over the camera lens for ten seconds, and it displays your current heart rate. How cool is that? But do keep a soft, lint-free cloth handy to wipe the smudgy prints off your camera when you’re done.
  5. MyPod Podcast Manager – I was looking for a more feature rich podcatcher/player for my Droid than Listen. This is it. MyPod is not a basic podcast app. It’s a bit complicated to set up and use, tech-intimdated be warned, but it does everything you could ever want a podcast app to do.

And some honorable mentions:

Essential Apps:

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 – After grousing at the 10MB of internal memory needed to install this, I decided it was worth clearing out some caches and loading it up.

Useful Apps:

  • Convertpad Unit Converter– A snazzy little app that converts/calculates a huge selection of units of measurement–common, scientific, and obscure–as well as units of currency.
  • LJBeetle – A solid LiveJournal client.

Fun Apps:

  • Kindle for Android – Why buy a Kindle when you can have a Droid with Kindle for Android loaded on it?
  • Urban Dictionary – The Urban Dictionary defines “Eugie” as: An artsy, cute girl. Usually with black hair and brown eyes. Also tends to be very dominant and crazy during sex. Hee!
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3 Responses to Best Droid Apps Revisited: Five New Fun Apps and Some Honorable Mentions

  1. So, any apps that can make that Droid combat-operable? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Eugie Foster says:

    But of course!

    There’s the Phaser app, the lightsaber app, the pump action shotgun app, the Ruger SR-9 app, the AK-47 app, and if you just want to hack someone old school, the psycho knife app.

    All the uber violence apps you could possibly need ;D

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