Biba Jibun Now Out in Apex Magazine

In one of the shortest lead times between sale and publication that I’ve ever seen, “Biba Jibun” is now out in the April issue (#23) of Apex Magazine!

Original Fiction
“Biba Jibun”
by Eugie Foster

“The Eater”
by Michael J. Deluca

“The Button Bin”
by Mike Allen (Originally published by Helix: Speculative Fiction Quarterly in 2007)

“Ghosts of New York”
by Jennifer Pelland (Originally published in the anthology Dark Faith by Apex Publications in 2010)

“Thirteen Principles of Faith”
by Rose Lemberg

“An Introductory Guide to the Nebula Awards”
by Michael A. Burstein

Apex Magazine April 2011 Cover

In other news, the Georgia General Assembly is in recess this week for spring break before coming back to finish up the last couple days of the legislative session. Hoping it’ll be quiet so I can get some writing done. But I have indeed hit the halfway mark on Dragon Queller:

42268 / 85000 words. 50% done!

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