Bio Editing: AGGHHH!

Been editing celebrity bios for the Dragon*Con program book all day. My absolute definition of editorial hell. My happy place is people on fire right now. Stabbity.

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6 Responses to Bio Editing: AGGHHH!

  1. cmpriest says:

    [:: runs away ::]

    • Eugie Foster says:

      ‘Course you wouldn’t be on my stabbity list, silly! Your bio was short, professional, and grammatical—totally unlike the rambling, incoherent word vomit bios that are the reason my brain is sludge and why I need to retreat into images of flamey death to buoy my spirits.

  2. shaolingrrl says:


    (A sympathetic ow, not a celebrity being stabbed ow, as I am not going to Dragon*Con and even if I was going to Dragon*Con I am not a celebrity.)

  3. OMG, editing hell is right! Just power through as many as you can at a time. It’s slightly less nauseating that way.

    Sending you strength.

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