Booze shopping and geeking

It sucks to be the only morning person in a house full of PM persons.

Yesterday, dude_the had a great desire for Pear Woodchuck Cider so we went a-questing. Discovered that there are no fewer than four wine/liquor specialty stores within easy driving distance. Unfortunately, only one of them had pear woodchucks, and only a single six-pack at that. dude_the glomped upon the solitary treasure and we proclaimed the quest mostly victorious. Also glomped upon: much regular woodchuck, pumpkin ale, and “Dead Guy Ale.” I think we’re set for Halloween.

After dinner, Matthew ran part I of his traditional Halloween game. Within the first half hour, apparently we’d already veered far, far from what he’d expected us to do. Tonight: will we save the day or die ignominous deaths? Blood, mayhem, and madness, oh my.

Dueling digicams:

dude_the and I squaring off.

Nick caught in the crossfire.

Nick recoving from the trauma.

Writing Stuff

Think I’m going to try doing Club 100 For Writers that alleypat recommended. My previous goal of 1K/day has pretty much fallen by the wayside, and I’ve been using that as salve/rationale for slacking off on my writing. I think a nice, manageable goal like 100 words/day might be what I need to get me back on track.

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  1. alleypat says:

    I’m going for 1 word per day. Welcome aboard.

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