Cake for Breakfast, Computers, Firefly, and Writing

At my excited prompting, we had the rest of my birthday cake for breakfast yesterday. Couple things of note from that:
1. I really like having cake for breakfast. It’s yummy and the kick of that much sugar so early in my day really does zippy thing to my overall world outlook.
2. Matthew really does not like having cake for breakfast. It makes him a bit sick to his stomach for most of the day.

Dammit. Back to muffins or toast or cereal. Probably for the best . . .

Meant to go see The Return of the King, but the showing was sold out that we wanted to go to. So we postponed our plans by a day and instead went browsing at Best Buy.

As it turns out, our shiny new Sony VAIO computer is no long shiny or new (being classified now as “old, slow, and clunky” in the PC world–@#$&!^%), and is thereby incapable of functioning with the DVD burner I got Matthew for Christmas. Crap.

However the positive side of this is that we might get a new computer. There were a couple very nice models, including a new-and-improved VAIO at Best Buy with a mind-boggling amount of space and speed. We’re shopping around, waiting to see what sort of shape our finances are in for 2004. But considering the cost of a new system versus the cost of possibly upgrading our poor old VAIO, it makes more sense to buy a new system than to attempt an upgrade surgery.

When we got back home, we popped in the first of the Firefly DVDs. Eight hours and eleven episodes (plus the pilot) later we finish watching “The Message” and my eyes burn and I’m beginning to make funny comments that consist of more random syllables than recognizable words. Definitely short school bus funny rather than ha-ha funny. My stamina is ended; time for me to go comatose. But that means we’ve got two more episodes to watch as soon as Matthew wakes up!

I hope the movie gets green-lighted. IhopeIhopeIhope. Such an excellent show with amazing writing and characters. And so many unanswered questions! Damn Fox for screwing Firefly up. Damn them for canceling it! And their little dog too! Pffft.

Writing stats:

No new words on the page this year. Yet. But I’ve received fifty-four critiques on Critters so far for my current offering (which will remain up for five more days!). Gurgle. Scribbling “thank-you” notes as fast as I can. My mind’s spinning with all the feedback, but I’m getting a big picture on some things I want to work on in the rewrite. Wonder if I’ll crack sixty crits . . .

Also submitted my urban fantasy with MPC. It’ll go up when this one comes down. I foresee much rewriting in my future.

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5 Responses to Cake for Breakfast, Computers, Firefly, and Writing

  1. terracinque says:

    How did you watch 15 hours of Firefly in only 8?

    I got the series for Crimmus too. Haven’t gotten to it yet, but it’s definitely in the queue!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      How did you watch 15 hours of Firefly in only 8?

      Didn’t. We only watched eleven episodes and the pilot. We still have two episodes to go. Each episode is actually closer to 45 minutes in length and we skipped the beginning and ending credits of each one. That probably puts it closer to nine+ hours or so rather than eight, though . . . it’s not like I had a stopwatch.

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