Chemistry, woot

So my Rheumatologist prescribed me a muscle relaxant/sleep aid. Why do I always get downers when what I really want is uppers, dammit? He did, however, make my day by asking me whether I’d lost weight. When I eyed him and told him “no, if anything I’d gained some and was trying to lose pounds,” he pshawed and said my weight was fine and not to lose any. Suhweet! I’d still like to lose about eight pounds, but it’s nice to get a medical person saying I don’t need to. However, he did say I needed to exercise more. Meh.

Spent yesterday in a groggy haze crashed out on the couch. Hobkin was a sweetie and flopped beside me for large chunks of my couch napping. He’s beginning to put on his winter coat–very soft and sleek. Although he’s also ejecting the last of his summer coat. Skunk fluff everywhere.

Netflix sent us Sahara (the 2005 movie with Matthew McConaughey, not the 1943 classic with Humphrey Bogart). Watched it on Thursday night, so stiff and achy I couldn’t turn my head. In a fit of frustrated pain, I decided to self-medicate. Sure I could’ve taken Tramadol or an OTC analgesic, but we had a half bottle of wine chilling in the ‘fridge. Amazingly, I had two whole glasses. For anyone that isn’t familiar with my drinking habits and capacity, usually one full glass of wine is enough to make me ridiculously loopy. Two is enough to knock me out. Not only did two not knock me out, but I was only laughably inebriated. So yes, it had a medicinal effect. The wine helped my neck, or at least the fact that I couldn’t turn it didn’t bug me so much. And yes, I enjoyed the movie. I suspect it was not nearly as hilarious as I thought it was, though.


Writing Stuff

1-day “Although engaging and smoothly-written” rejection from Lone Star Stories (zounds, ericmarin is fast with his slush!).
58-day “I really liked this story. The only problem is that the supernatural event isn’t strong enough . . . ” from the Shadow Regions anthology. With invite to submit to Surreal (edited by the same guy) when they open up again.

Also got a note from the Editorial Secretary of 9 asking for me to send their refused check back to Greece so they can issue me a new one. I hope they remember to include the bank charge my bank tacked on. But I’m glad it’s being taken care of.

And after a query to Space & Time, got a prompt and courteous note back from the editor saying that they were just absolutely full. No, he hadn’t seen my story, but they were way overbought, so consider it released. Glargh. That story’s been there since January. But good to know finally the status of that poor submission.

New Words: 900
Returning to the short story. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to shuffle back and forth between projects, and at least I can see the end of the tunnel with this. Going to try to see this one through before going back to the novel. I keep wondering if I should outline this one, although I rarely outline short stories. I’ve deviated from a chronologically linear writing style already, and I find myself revolving around some plot point issues. The notes I’m making for this story are longer than some flash stories I’ve written. Gleep.

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3,058 / 6,500

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3 Responses to Chemistry, woot

  1. cricketshay says:

    *hugs* I hope you feel better soon sweetie.
    I’ve been trying to get my rhuemy to prescribe me muscle relaxers, but I think he’s afraid I’ll abuse them. LOL! The ER prescribed me flexiral back in August and I still have half a bottle.

    *more gentle hugs*

  2. So what is your secret of losing weight w/o trying so hard? 😉

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