Cognitive Processes Recovering

My writing muse, as expected, is still holed up. Probably shell-shocked. She should recover in a week or so, I suspect. I’m eying that magic-realism piece I started before D*C. I’d really like to finish it. Hope when musie perks back up she’s inclined to help me out.

My “squicky” story is still up at Critters. Three weeks is a really, really long time for a story to be up for review. As of this morning, I’ve got thirty-seven critiques of it. Glah! That’s a bit much to assimilate. And there’s still half a week to go! Overall, I’m getting that there’s too much exposition at the end, but aside from that it’s been quite well received. Hurrah.

I did get a critique from one reader who apparently subscribes to Cicada. She replied to my thank-you note of her critique that she didn’t realize I was the author of “The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile” until she checked out my homepage. She says she really liked “Manny” and even read it two times. It is an utter thrill to discover total strangers who have read and enjoyed stories I’ve written. A very nice happy-glow moment.

I’m very, very glad the weekend’s here. I expect it’ll be a nice, quiet one. Full of skunk snuggles and long naps on the couch. Hobkin seems to have missed me during his time at Dragon*Con skunk camp. He’s been extremely affectionate all week, very clingy and huggy. What a sweetie.

(Edit: After predicting a quiet weekend, I get an out-of-the-blue invite to an art show opening for tonight. One of the authors (Robert W. Walker) I met at D*C’s son is having an exhibit at the Phoenix & Dragon. Robert and I exchanged cards and he sent me an email inviting me attend the opening where he says that he “found me extraordinary.” Now, I ask you, what girl can resist words like that? Matthew was amused. Hmm, what to wear . . .)

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  1. Sounds like fun! Hope you have a great time at the art show tonight. 😀

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