Cold Query from Spanish Publisher

Received a query from an Eva Díaz-Ceso who runs a small Spanish publishing company regarding wanting to acquire Spanish rights to my work. Tried to Google her, but Spanish is not a language I can even limp in. Google-fu fail. Anyone heard of her? Worked with her?

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  1. jimhines says:

    Did she provide the name of the publishing company?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Nope. Which further thwarted my Googling efforts. And I don’t want to send a request for more details unless I can confirm she’s a legitimate publisher. Sigh.

  2. aliettedb says:

    Well, I didn’t look very far, but there’s an Eva Díaz-Ceso who runs a magazine of literature called Dulce Arsénico ( It doesn’t look very genre (that said, there isn’t much genre in Spain) and it has the feel of a very small press, but the website looks legit, at least to my first very cursory look.

    Agree with Jim the name of the publishing company would help…

    • It’s not exactly genre. I know the co-editor, Paz, better (we see each other at local poetry events from time to time).
      It’s an innovative ‘zine exploring alternative formats, etc.!/photo.php?pid=1663962&id=45338929809
      Doesn’t pay anything, as far as I know.
      Not sure if Eva is working now on a different project, though, so do find out what it is she wants (just a story? the entire collection?) and for which group.

      As Aliette says, there is very little genre publishing in Spain, almost none of which pays, so it’s not like granting limited rights for copies (or just royalties without an advance in the case of a book) is preventing you from selling rights for cash to a prozine (or a larger publisher who would do the collection, especially since collections are very hard to place, especially genre ones, and especially in translation)…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks, Aliette! That’s way more than I was able to unearth with my nonexistent Spanish.

  3. gillpolack says:

    According to this she’s a young entrepreneur (and a radio site said she started as a poet and has moved into the business side). Pictures here: Her magazine looks like it’s poetry and art. You can pay for sample copies (which really doesn’t help).

    I’d ask her for more information about her background. I’m happy to help with Spanish should you need it (as long as you don’t want it spoken or written – these days I read it only).

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks for the Spanish assistance offer! It seems that there’s enough online evidence of legitimacy to reply with a follow-up, so I’ve sent her a note asking for some more information. We’ll see where it goes from there.

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