Still My Beating Heart/Inspirations End

cover Cybele is inspiration incarnate, a lissome goddess who metes out passion, releasing the words and melodies that seethe, locked in Rail’s mind. She is everything he desires, and gives him everything he’s ever dreamed of having. But she requires payment, her fair due. The coveted attention of a muse does not come without a price. And the price is high.

Still My Beating Heart

Cover art by Kirk Alberts

William’s heart thrums in his chest, a rhythm his mistress abhors. Not dead enough, not cold enough to walk the night at her side, but too bloodthirsty to dwell with men. Redemption pounds in his chest, echoing the beat of his undead heart. He yearns to escape the monster, the vampire he has become, but must he learn instead to discard what remains of the man?

36 pages
Chapbook (2005): SOLD OUT
ISBN-10: 1-933274-06-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-93327-406-5


Eugie Foster’s vampire stories have everything a good vampire story needs to have . . . The author is a great story-teller, who pays attention to details, creates great characters, and uses a highly enjoyable style. Her choice of words and her use of language gives a very special flavour to these writings, which makes it hard to put this book down.For those who enjoy vampire fiction, this book is highly recommended.
—Ilona Hegedus, Novelspot

these two vampire short stories are beautifully written and darkly unsettling, each with a twist on accepted conventions that makes them at once familiar and new . . . Beautiful, and recommended.
—Amanda A. Gannon, Shadow Muse: Naamah’s Journal

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