Constantine, Gin, Sedentary Skunk

It’s all stormy and dark outside. Such a lovely day to spend lounging around with husband and skunk. fosteronfilm‘s folks called the other day. It’s still hotter in their neck of Illinois than it is down here in Georgia. Freaky.

Had a nice, relaxing Saturday. Hobkin spent most of the day curled up beside me in full snuggle mode, recovering from his vet trauma. fosteronfilm has been slaving on the layout for his Film Festival program for Dragon*Con. He finally got it done and sent it off, and to celebrate, we watched Constantine on DVD and had gin and tonics. Shiny but vacuous fun.

Writing Stuff

2-day form nope from Fictitious Force. Oof.
Notification from ASIM that my submission there made it to the second round. Finger-crossing to commence.

The folktale up at Critters continues to get positive reactions. Rah.

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  1. keesa_renee says:

    Sounds like my kind of day, Eugie!

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