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Had a lovely evening last night with britzkrieg and her S.O. Went out for Thai food at Satay House, a nearby establishment with lovely decor and killer Pad See-U. Haven’t had Thai food in ages. Yummy. And, as usual, excellent conversation and company. britzkrieg, we need to have you and J over to meet Hobkin and have Matthew cook for us all!

Got my June SFWA Forum in the mail today. I’m STILL not in the member directory updates, damn it. But this time at least they had a URL to a form in the member’s only area that I could fill out to let them know. Hopefully, they’ll have me listed in the August Forum directory insert. People who applied months and months after me for membership both got theirs before me, and got listed in the directory before me. Cripes, what gives?

Had an appointment this morning with my optometrist. I can no longer wear RGP lenses because my eyes are so dry, which is annoying because the rigid lenses kept my eyes stabilized. I’ve been wearing soft disposables for the last several months and my eyes are already a degree worse. The opti doc had me try on four different sets of soft lenses before we settled on the proper power and brand (Acuvue Torics again). Putting on and taking off four sets of contacts in a very short time frame is a bit hard on the ole optics. But hurray for clear vision. ‘Course, as soon as I went home, I took them out. My eyes were just crying for a rest. Almost literally.

Sixteen crits already on this week’s offering at Goodness. (Thanks, britzkrieg, btw!) Mostly good reviews with a few downright glowing ones, and one regular who had major problems with my protag’s end decision. Z’okay, differences in philosophy are fine by me, and my story really made him think. I count that as a success.

And we have coffee filters! Thank whatever deity watches over caffeine addicts.

Had to stop taking the clonazepam because I started exhibiting allergic reactions. They were pretty low grade but I didn’t want to risk them getting worse. But they were working on my TOS. I’ve been in increasing amounts of pain since I stopped taking them, not to mention my sleep cycle appears to be royally kiboshed. I might try taking a dose tonight. If I am allergic, I’ll have all of Sunday to recover.

My body hates me.

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