Cricket Magazine

cricket cover Feb 2012

Cricket Magazine Feb. 2012 cover by Susan Farrington

cricket cover jan 2011

Cricket Magazine Jan. 2011 cover “Under the Arctic Night” by Paine Proffitt

Cricket February 2011

Cricket Magazine Feb. 2011 cover “Handsome Leopard” by Noriko Senshu


March 2011 Cricket cover

Cricket Magazine March 2011 cover “Spirit Talk” by Cindy Revell


April 2011 Cricket cover

Cricket Magazine April 2011 cover “Winding Snakes in the Sun” by Anne Wilson

illustration from part 3 by Kelly Murphy

“The Princess and the Golden Fish” illustrations by Kelly Murphy


Cricket Magazine Oct. 2009 Cover by Julie Collins

Tortoise Bride illustration by Emma Shaw-Smith

“The Tortoise Bride” illustrations by Emma Shaw-Smith


Cricket November-December 2008 cover

Cricket Magazine November-December 2008 Cover Art: “Audiences” by Polly M. Law

Cuhiya's Husband illustration by Nicole Wong

“Cuhiya’s Husband” illustrations by Nicole Wong

cricket cover jan 2008

Cricket Magazine January 2008 Cover Art: “Armies of Memory” by John Harris

“When Shakko Did Not Lie” illustrations by Jo Lynn Alcorn


Cricket Magazine December 2007 Cover Art: “Winter Wind” by Linda Wingerter

“The Raven’s Brocade” illustrations by Nicole Wong


Cricket Magazine July 2007 Cover Art: “Swim” by Andrea Wicklund

“The Tanuki-Kettle” Illustrations by Taeeun Yoo

Cricket Magazine February 2007 Cover Art: “This Jazz Man” by Rob Roth

“The Snow Woman’s Daughter” Illustrations by Suling Wang

Cricket Magazine April 2006 Cover Art: “Parade” by Laini Taylor

“The King of Rabbits and Moon Lake” Illustrations by Patrick Gannon

Cricket Magazine Jan. 2006 Cover Art: “The Young Mozart” by Faith Jacques

“Li T’ien and the Demon Nian” Illustrations by Ju-Hong Chen

Cricket Magazine Feb. 2005 Cover Art: “O, Happy Day” by Dimitrea Tokunbo

“Razi and the Sunbird” illustrations by Elbrite Brown

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