My GOD this has been an excellent day! I just SOLD my kitsune folktale “When Shakko Did Not Lie” to CRICKET!

God, I wanted to break into them so badly! I can’t believe it!

And what they’re paying me for this story will pay for the second half of our new television.


I’m gonna go screaming through the house now.

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  1. jenwrites says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats! I’m not familiar with that market, but I’m guessing from your enthusiasm (and the payment) that it’s big.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks! I’ve been aching to break into Cricket.

      Cricket is the flagship magazine of the Carus publishing group. They publish children/YA magazines and books and their stable includes Cicada (which my first published fiction story appeared in), Spider, and Ladybug. Cricket is aimed at 9-14 yr olds and Cicada 14 to college-aged.

      They pay twenty-five cents ($.25) a word and have a HUGE circulation. This also fulfills my third qualifying professional sale for active membership in the SFWA . . . depending upon how they view my Phobos publication. Phobos is a new publishing house so they haven’t been tested yet.

      So to say that I’m happy is a massive understatement!

      • jenwrites says:

        Aha! A children’s/YA market. That explains why I haven’t heard of them. I think the YA market would probably pay me *not* to write for it 😉

        But congrats again, and congrats on becoming eligible for a full SFWA membership!

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Thanks! And you might be surprised on the YA front. The story I’ve had published in Cicada wasn’t written as YA. I thought it was just light SF, with some whimsical humor, but when I ran it through I got so many critiques saying “Great YA story!” that I decided to try Cicada first. Could’ve knocked me over with a laugh when I got their acceptance note!

          ‘Course I wouldn’t recommend heavy horror or graphic violence or erotica to young markets. But my kitsune story does have a little bit of blood in it, so a touch of gore is not totally taboo either. After all, Grimm fairy tales: blood, guts, dismemberment, murder. There’s a long tradition there.

          • jenwrites says:

            Considering that the story I became infamous for at Viable Paradise was about junkies selling body parts to support their drug habits (when they weren’t turning more traditional tricks)… Okay, so not all my stories are that bad, but it’s fair to say that my stuff tends to be adult-oriented.

          • Eugie Foster says:

            Err, yes. I tend to think you’re right in believing that Cricket isn’t looking for junkies-selling-body-parts stories . . .

  2. zoloft says:

    OMG! I *love* Cricket! You’re a Cricket author! That’s so unspeakably groovy! Congratulations! 😀

    I can’t believe I just typed “OMG”…

  3. melonaise says:

    Yay! Awesome job! 🙂

    I remember Cricket from my dentist office when I was a kid. It’s the only place I ever saw it, but it was great reading at the time. Glad to see your work will be a part of it now, too.

  4. prosewitch says:

    Congratulations! You’ve gotta let us know when it comes out so I can buy a copy! 😀

  5. theroach says:

    Woohoo! Grerat! Conga-rats and all sorts of assorted rodents 🙂

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