D*C staff meeting

The Dragon*Con staff meeting on Saturday was productive. Got to chat with excellent folk like dire_epiphany, astralfire, and roget, give huggins to fingerman, and hook up with lord_darkseid and pagmatic. Think I’ve acquired two new reporters, although I’m waiting on writing samples before I confirm.

Reminder to self: must send in guest application to D*C soon.

Watched Shark Tale yesterday, courtesy NetFlix. It was . . . pretty. The animation was nice, the set and background was quite lovely. The actors did a fine job with their roles. But the story. Oy. It lacked the freshness and comedic genius of Shrek, and failed utterly on pacing and storyline. I got bored with it pretty fast. There were amusing moments, but not enough of them by a long shot. Not a movie I’ll be clamoring to watch again.

According to the Order Summary thingy, my laptop should arrive today. Impatience is me. I’ve been functional with the desktop computer, but it’s far, far from ideal. Need me a laptop. *fidget twitch*

Writing Stuff

Acquired a new reviewer for Tangent. I totally spaced on his second assignment. He notified me right off the bat of the conflicts of interest he has (i.e. which publications he couldn’t review), and of course, I assign him to one of the markets he has a conflict with. Doy. Not my sharpest moment.

Received word from Nathan, my Scrybe Press editor, that the plan to get my new chapbook “Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart” out in time for Fantasm is still a go. Rah!

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12 Responses to D*C staff meeting

  1. pagmatic says:

    one reporter-to-be will get in touch with you. She had a busy weekend with her sick husband.

    It was nice to see you and the rest of the crew. Hopefully next meeting I’ll feel alot better and will mingle and stuff:)

  2. So I’m still on your staff, right?

  3. britzkrieg says:

    It looks like Tangent has tons of reviewers now. Are we still “catching up,” or are we now “on schedule”?

    BTW, I’m about a third of the way through the anthology you assigned to me. 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I think we’re into “on schedule” now. I’m pretty pleased with how quickly everyone’s been cranking out reviews.

      BTW, I’m about a third of the way through the anthology you assigned to me

      Coolness! I hope you’re liking it!

  4. silverseale says:

    Writing Sample from Mrs. Pag

    Hello, Eugie –

    My emails to you keep bouncing back… I have a blog on LiveJournal (silverseale) where you can read some of my writings. I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. 🙂 Regards…

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