Doh! Or: “Yes, I’ve lost count.”

Well, I went to belly dancing last night and, there was no class. Doh! The session starts next week. Pointless travel time = one and a half hours of my life I’m never getting back. Damn.

And we’re going to Mr. Tax Preparer to get our taxes done today. Shudder. This is the first year that I “get” to pay taxes as a writer too. Joy.

Calmblueocean. Calmblueocean. Calmblueocean.

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4 Responses to Doh! Or: “Yes, I’ve lost count.”

  1. yakdog says:

    I hate it when that happens…

    Canceled classes, that is. I hope your tax preparation goes as planned. Believe me, I feel your pain

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: I hate it when that happens…

      Your annual cash-extraction is over and done with? You lucky Yakdog; you must be breathing a huge whew of relief.

      We haven’t done our taxes unassisted for many years now. It got way too complicated once we started taking deductions and now with my side income, it’s just a huge old can o’creepy crawlies. Don’t like taxes. Nope. And we always end up paying.


      Hope you’re feeling better, btw. The sickies are apparently still making the rounds down here. Thought you could escape to Chicago, did you . . . .

      • yakdog says:

        Re: I hate it when that happens…

        I am relieved. This year, I managed to get some of my money back. That won’t happen next year, though: Uncle Sam will want his cut of this year’s convention. *sigh*

        On the bright side: if you always end up paying, at least you get some TVM (Time Value of Money) before you give up the $$$.

        I’m feeling about halfway human. The crud is persistent, but I shall overcome.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: I hate it when that happens…

          I’m in shock. We’re actually getting money back from our taxes this year! Guess it was that paying two mortgages for a good portion of the year thing. Neat. Sorta. It’s money the IRS kept that wasn’t earning interest for us, but since I expected taxes to burn a fiery hole in our checkbook again this year, I’m rather pleased. And dazed.

          Halfway human is better than 100% reptilian, I always say. Or something like that. Keep up the rally against the Crud!

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