Drabblecast Mega-Beast Deathmatch Season 3 at Dragon*Con: YouTube Footage

Norm Sherman of Drabblecast (also now the co-host of Escape Pod) very graciously came to my signing on Saturday at Dragon*Con. During our chat, he introduced me to the ongoing Mega-Beast Death Match debate (which is currently in its third season), whereupon their experts and aficionados deliberate—typically after generous applications of alcohol—on the merits and combat prowess of various Drabblecast-nouveau kaiju and vote on which of the “scientifically altered bestial battlers” would win if they threw down.

While at Dragon*Con, Norm invited various attendees to contribute their thoughts on the death match contestants and immortalized their responses on video for their podcast.

And yes, he asked me.

The podcast footage is now up at Drabblecast and also on YouTube in four parts (along with some great footage of the parade). I’m in part 2 (after the parade section):

(Clickie for part 1, part 3, and part 4.)


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