Dragon*Con 2008

Dragon*Con happened. My voice is stripped (again), I seem to have left a passel of brain cells at the Hyatt, I’m still in a sleep deprived fugue state, and I’m trying not to think too hard about everything on my “to do” list. But it was good.

Things that stick out of the blur:

• My talk for Ann: I’ve done better; I’ve done worse. I think I went too fast, but I don’t remember seeing too many glazed-over/bored faces. And I sold out of the books I’d brought with me afterwards, yay!

• My Sunday panel wasn’t what I expected. The panel was publisher-heavy, which tended to veer the discussion more towards marketing, post-publication, and less towards selling to markets (pre-publication). As such, I had less meaningful to say on the topic but found it interesting to listen to the discussion of my fellow panelists.

• I got to meet and powwow with Stephen Segal (Weird Tales‘s Editorial/creative director) over lunch—which he also very graciously treated me to—meet Edmund R. Schubert, at long last—my IGMS editor—and catch up with Josepha Sherman, who I haven’t seen since Launch Pad last year.

• My Daily Dragon staff was fabulous. I decided this year to recruit some editorial assistance. In past years, I’ve focused on getting reporters and therefore looked for folks with writing skills. This year, I actively sought some editorial experience, too (which included recruiting my co-editor at the OLC, full_fathom5), so I could delegate more of my editing responsibilities. That worked out GREAT. I should have done it years ago.

Also, we got a new copier which didn’t jam and which cranked out the print copy in half the time the old one used to, so I could let my graveyard shift leave early, and every morning by the time I came down to the DD room, the print edition was already on delivery rounds. Very nice.

• Got to hang out and spend large chunks of time with several of my DC2K writers group—especially canadiansuzanne, reddherring1955, and Debbie—who were on my staff.

I think I’ll need another week to recover and get caught up (possibly a couple weeks), but all-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with this year’s D*C. Much better than last year’s which was too chaotic and stressful.


Writing Stuff

Newly published:
“The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile” (audio reprint) in Clonepod.

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10 Responses to Dragon*Con 2008

  1. noelleleithe says:

    My voice seems to have survived, but on everything else? Right there with you. I slept 10 hours last night. Well, more accurately, I spent 10 hours in a coma last night. *g*

    So much fun again! And yes, before you start begging again, I will be back in 2009. 🙂

  2. sboydtaylor says:

    You knew of course that at least a few of us knuckle heads would think you were meeting with Steven Segal, Aikido Master and rotund C-list action movie star.

  3. cuddlywombat says:

    Sunday’s panel

    I agree on your Sunday panel observations. One of my friends from Ann’s 07 class was with me for several of the Writer’s Track panels and it seemed that some of the questions were from people who really were neophytes. I would like to see a really good nuts and bolts short story panel with just authors represented. I’ll have to write to Nancy and suggest it.

    Kudos to one of your assistants, Shannon. She was there on Monday after the con died down and we had a private Q&A panel with her. 😉 We sat on the floor outside the Centennial Ballrooms and invented our post-con session for those who aren’t ready to return to the “real world”. She’s a delight and I hope she will schedule this panel into her schedule next year as well for those of us who are still hanging around.

  4. alladinsane says:

    Hate I didnt get to see you or Matt or Dude…I think I passed you on way to booth, but this time I was the blur.

    Tried to scoot by late Monday, but you were knee deep in people.

    As always, great job and kudos to you and your team on the Daily Dragon!

    • terracinque says:

      Hate I didnt get to see you

      Dude! It’s not like you didn’t know where she’d be. Every year on arrival I head straight for the Daily Dragon office to tell our Eugie hello.

  5. I had a wonderful time at the con. I was very pleased with the copier this year, and enjoyed all of our new staff, as well as the returning staff, of course!

    Like you, I feel overwhelmed at the moment, but hope to catch up eventually.

  6. threeoutside says:

    I miss the skunk, but I *love* your avatar! Too cool!

    Glad you had a great Con!


  7. Yes, a good time was had by all, including me, even with the tummy woes on Sunday. At least, I got some sleep! Thanks for being so patient.

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