Dragon*Con staff meeting and other stuff

Went to the Dragon*Con staff meeting yesterday whereupon my head did not explode and leak brains on anyone, but it threatened to several times. The white chocolate mocha from the coffee shop helped, though. As did the Sudafed and Ibuprofen. But what really helped was the head and shoulder rub that Dean gave me! Purring pile o’goo happiness. Unfortunately, the respite from pain was brief, and I am again pained this morning. But it was nice being better for a while.

Good meeting, otherwise, although I didn’t do much at it. Met up with some of my staff, and watched the queue of directors try to work out their schedules with the goddess of scheduling and Excel, dire_epiphany.

Came home, and ‘though I wheedled and pleaded, Matthew was adamant that we were not having blueberry pie for dinner. So we had French fries and Gardenburgers and then had blueberry pie. I tend to think the meal would have been healthier if we’d just had the pie to begin with. Good pie.

Watched The Triplets of Belleville which is really weird and quirky. I liked it quite a bit, although there were definitely moments of shocked squeeing. I think if I were to see that movie again, I’d want to do it while drunk or somesuch similar state of modified consciousness.

Writing Stuff:

Received notice from Omnidawn that they’re still several months away from being able to respond to submissions. They apologized for the delay, though, which was nice. Guess I’ll sit tight.

And, oh crap, what with me being sick, I totally zoned on writing a review for the current Sci-Fiction story for Tangent. Although I haven’t heard back from my editor since I sent him the one for “Shadow Twin.” Still no reply to my query from last week either. Hmm. Think I’ll post to the SFF.publishing.tangent-online newsgroup, to check if anyone’s heard from him recently. And immediately after that, I’ll write a review for “Leviathan Wept.” Yup.

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