Made updates to the Daily Dragon Online and we’re live for 2003!

Swung by DD headquarters yesterday to do set-up. No computers. AGH! They’re delivering them today in the AM. I was really hoping to have the network up before today in case there were (as there always are) problems. Crossing fingers that our network guru, Dean, will work his usual mojo magic and get everything up and running quickly. We’re not going to be there until later this afternoon as we need to drop Hobkin off for Dragon*Con skunk camp with his godmother, and she’s at work until then. Z’okay, got tons of packing and prep still to do here.

Busy busy busy.

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  1. william_mize says:

    Good morning doodlebug!
    Just a FYI that the link isn’t working for moi.

    “page cannot be not found”

  2. jenwrites says:

    DragonCon has a skunk camp? That’s just too surreal a thought for this early in the morning.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! No, no. When we board Hobkin with his godmother, we call it “skunk camp.” So when he stayed with her over Christmas, it was “Christmas Camp.” Since this time it’s Dragon*Con, he’s going to “Dragon*Con Camp.”

      I know it’s silly, but we dote on our little fuzzy beastie and have our idiosyncrasies.

      • jenwrites says:

        Doting I get. But I couldn’t imagine that there were enough skunk owners at DragonCon to make a skunk camp possible! Then again, I got a pretty weird impression of the con the one time I went, so it didn’t seem completely out of the realm of possibility.

        • puskunk says:

          You never know about that not being enough skunk owners there. I can think of 7 skunk owners with 6 or 7 skunks between them. Wait, no there’s another one coming this year too. So there’s quite a few of us actually.

          • jenwrites says:

            True. It is a fucking huge goth convention, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by the number of skunk owners.

          • Eugie Foster says:

            It’s actually not a goth convention. It’s a SF/F/H convention. But since it’s in Atlanta, there’s always a big goth crowd. Although it wasn’t in evidence as much this year. Or perhaps the goths got overshadowed by the thousands of screaming James Marsters fans . . .

          • jenwrites says:

            The one year I went, the goths outnumbered the SF fans by what seemed like a huge degree, so I came away with the impression that it was a goth convention with a few SF fans wandering lost among them. I was later told that it was probably the worst DragonCon in recent memory, but I didn’t realize that the goth to fan ratio was part of that. It just sucked to go to a SF convention and come away feeling fat and badly dressed 🙁

  3. mystrys says:

    In the spirit of information sharing..

    Do you know if theres any place at Dragon that will have internet access for those of us who don’t have our own laptops?? I need to feed the addiction.. (giggle) – hope to see you there.. -Mystrys

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: In the spirit of information sharing..

      I believe the hotels provide some sort of hookup, but I’m not sure what sort of facilities they have. We’re currently wrestling with our ISP set-up to make sure we have access to the Internet ourselves!

      Hope to see you too!

    • puskunk says:

      Re: In the spirit of information sharing..

      There is supposed to be WIFI access in the hotel (Hyatt) and I just got a 802.11b access card for my laptop.

  4. fings says:

    Just wanted to offer a further appology.

    I felt the need to say sorry.

    It’s still fairly freaky to me that I took 155 pictures of James Marsters, trying to get a good one, and of all of them posted this one to my LJ, only to get today’s Daily Dragon and see a near-identical photo picked out of all the ones you had. (In mine, his hand is covering a bit more of his mouth.)

    It was my mistake when I first saw the photo to assume they were one and the same. I’ll chalk it up to con weirdness.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Just wanted to offer a further appology.

      It is a pretty freaky coincidence and the photos are very similar. Our photographer must have been sitting pretty close to where you were at that panel. He snapped something like fifty of James. Guess we all thought the best shot was with him in that particular pose. Go fig.

      On an amusing note. We typically have a couple dozen copies of each DD issue left over that we leave in our headquarters. But the one with the pic of JM on it got totally snapped up. I suspect the Marsters fangirls were ravening for anything with his likeness on it. Funny.

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