Dragons: And the Stars Anthology and How to Train

Thanks for all the anniversary congrats! fosteronfilm and I saw How to Train Your Dragon, which I giggled and squeed at and generally greatly enjoyed, and tried out a new (for us) Thai restaurant, Rama 5, which has a very nice red curry. I also tried, again, to teach Matthew how to use chopsticks, but I think we may be filing that endeavor into the same oubliette of fail as “teaching Matthew how to drive a stick shift.”

Also received my contrib. copy of The Dragon and the Stars, due out next week (May 4). It is “the first anthology of science fiction and fantasy written by ethnic Chinese living outside of China who make their homes in places as varied as Canada, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. 18 original stories meld the rich cultural heritage of China with the new traditions of the authors’ homes.” Shiny goodness. For more information, check out the anthology’s Facebook page.

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7 Responses to Dragons: And the Stars Anthology and How to Train

  1. j_cheney says:

    Some people are simply not meant to use chopsticks…

  2. noelleleithe says:

    Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! And tell Matthew thanks for making it even harder for me to get Asian restaurants to bring me chopsticks without having to practically beg for them. 😉

  3. yukinooruoni says:

    Was “How To Train Your Dragon” not just perfectly delightful??

    I want a Toothless almost as much as I wanted a Stitch! Ideally, I want a Toothless AND a Stitch!!

  4. alan_yee says:

    I’ve never been able to use chopsticks very well, so I usually end up using a fork when my family goes to Chinese restaurants. I feel a little ashamed of it, since I’m half Chinese. I don’t blame my white side of the family for it, though; I just happen to have clumsy motor skills.

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