Emory University Hospital Thumbs Up

Last I heard, I’m scheduled for an echo¬† cardiogram this afternoon but looks like my PET scan won’t be until tomorrow. Bone marrow biopsy either tomorrow or Friday…maybe? And tumor biopsy Friday.

Aside from the uncertainty on when exactly my various tests are slated for, so far, I’ve been really impressed by my stay at Emory University Hospital. The staff has been attentive, kind, and communicative.¬† And either hospital food has greatly improved since the last time I had the opportunity to sample it or this place has made a great effort to provide palatable fare. They provide a menu, you phone in your order, and around 45 minutes later, it arrives. Kinda like hotel room service… almost. So far, I’ve sampled the omelette, pancakes, and cheesecake. Much better than lime Jello and steamed vegetable medley.

There’s also a recliner in my room for Matthew, although he hasn’t quite gotten the knack of sleeping in it.

Got a lovely visit from Hugme this afternoon. Was a bit fogged from morphine so wasn’t at my most coherent. But it was nice to wave and babble words which may or may not have made sense.

And received these beautiful flowers from Dragon Con. Mwaaa. Feel all warm and fuzzy every time I seem them.


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6 Responses to Emory University Hospital Thumbs Up

  1. Janice Clark says:

    So far, so good. I’m glad they’re taking good care of you.

  2. Cassy Gordon says:

    I actually noticed that the last time I had to be at a hospital long term with my dad. Food choices for patients have definitely improved! I am glad that they are taking good care of you! *hugs!*

  3. Amy Herring says:

    So glad they’re taking good care of you. Got behind the curve, but catching up. Love you, sweetie!

  4. Anne O'Connor says:

    Hospital food is def better than in the past. I missed that you were an inpatient. We like Emory too.

  5. Teresa Bigbee says:

    Sounds like you’re just where you need to be. I’m so glad they are taking good care of you. I know it’s hard to wait on the tests but once they’re done you can start treatment and then you’ll be on your way to recovery. The flowers are very pretty.

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