Eternal Sunshine and Job Status

Interview: they’re calling me back today to schedule a follow-up. See Friends-Only post for details.

Got The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind from Netflix. I was pretty unexcited about the prospect of a Jim Carrey movie as I’m not exactly a fan of his. But it was actually really good, despite Carrey’s presence. It helped that he wasn’t doing his goofy, over-the-top “Jim Carrey” thing, but also, the story was really poignant and thoughtful. It was good. And I really adore Kate Winslet.

Having major technical issues. Comcast keeps fading in and out, making accomplishing anything Internet-related impossible.

Writing Stuff

Had Matthew first reader the folktale. Did two editing passes on it based upon his suggestions.

Club 100 For Writers

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6 Responses to Eternal Sunshine and Job Status

  1. Told ya you’d like Eternal Sunshine. 😉

  2. horrordiva says:

    I thought Eternal Sunshine… was a brilliant movie…and am a HUGE Winslet fan. She is such a fresh face to see in movies, always bringing something classy to her roles. Have you watched Finding Neverland yet?
    Anyhow, yes, I thought it was a nice role for Carey to slip into…not what I’d expect from him.

    How are you feeling these days 🙂

  3. ooh, I *love* that movie. And yeah, I thought Jim Carrey was a weird choice until I saw him in it… and then I thought he was perfect. He’s got layers, man. haha

    Good luck with the job!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. nmsunbear says:

    I detest Jim Carrey. But I love Kate Winslet, and Charlie Kaufman, and those things plus the unstinting praise heaped on Eternal Sunshine have overcome that (just barely – I REALLY loathe Jim Carrey) to get the movie in my Netflix queue. It’s coming up soon, I think. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it despite similar reservations.

  5. pyanfar says:

    i really like that movie. and i don’t like Jim Carrey, either. at least not his typical overblow “Jim Carrey” thing, like you said.

    heh, that whole thing reminds me of a conversation i had last night…

  6. tstauffer says:

    We have comcast too and it has been doing the same thing to us. If we keep having problems they are gonna get an earful. Good luck on the interview. *crosses fingers*

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