Eligibility: Original speculative short fiction of 20,000 words or fewer, published—including in print, ebook, or online, individually, or in a magazine, collection, or anthology—for the first time in the English language in the previous year.

Our System: This is a juried award, that includes multiple visions and voices in a three tier system. This begins with the long list nominations coming from publishers and editors, acting in those roles, finding the works that shook the industry. We also have select readers to fill in any gaps, including non-traditionally published works. The second tier is our selection committee of spec fiction fans, reading as fans, to find what speaks to them while looking for stories that are timeless. Finally, a judging panel examines the finalists in depth to determine the Award recipient.

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  1. R A Deckert says:

    Alma Alexander’s two volumes about Val Hall (“Val Hall: The Even Years” and “Val Hall: The Odd Years”) contain stories described as “luminous” by readers; the books have been been published through Book View Cafe, which is a publishing co-op, and Kos Books, of which I am an editor. I would like to nominate at least two stories from these books for your consideration for next year’s award (both books were published in early 2020) – how would I go about doing so? is there an email?

  2. Anu Sukhdial says:

    What is the process by which someone can submit a speculative short fiction for consideration for the Eugie award? What are the submission deadlines?

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