Experimentation with Anti-Nausea Med Cocktail: Compazine, Zofran, Ativin, Benadryl

Have been queasy all weekend and have now reached the tradeoff point where I’m willing to try the slice-of-hell jittery again if it will offset the pervasive, constant nausea.

Just popped a dose of Compazine (a.k.a. jittery hell) with a chaser of Benadryl (hopeful mitigator of jittery hell) to go with the round-the-clock Zofran and Ativin.

Let’s see if this makes me less miserable or more.

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13 Responses to Experimentation with Anti-Nausea Med Cocktail: Compazine, Zofran, Ativin, Benadryl

  1. Liz Jones says:

    Ask them about amantadine( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amantadine ) with the compazine. Akathisia(the hellish jitters) is a well known side effect of drugs in that class… and amantadine does an excellent job getting rid of it. Also provides some anti-influenza juju as a side order. (((hugs)))

  2. Liz Jones says:

    ps– wiki says doesn’t help parkinsons… but I’ve seen it do some pretty amazing things for people using meds in the same class as compazine. As in– just about everyone who had to take them was on amantadine with significant relief. Only heard about the flu angle when one of the docs I work with self dosed with it after she got sick! 😀

  3. Well, shoot. Shaken or stirred, that’s a tough cocktail. Hope this evening finds you feeling better, Eugie.

  4. Ugh — awful! I’m sorry you feel so bad. This seems worse than the first go-around, but I hope I’m mistaken.

  5. Eugie Foster says:

    Brittany: It is worse. 🙁 I think it was the Compazine that was doing such a good job controlling the nausea first time around. Went off the Compazine because of the jitters they caused. Now tentatively back on it, seeing if it can get the nausea under control and if the Benadryl can control the side effects.

  6. Janice Clark says:

    I hope they can come up with a combination that works.

  7. Eugie Foster says:

    Me, too, Janice. Oog.

  8. Jeri Klein says:

    I’d take jittery over nausea any day. Sending you some healing reiki energy <3

  9. Anita Allen says:

    Here’s hoping it works this time!

  10. Better living through chemistry…

  11. Keel Heisler says:

    There is a medicinal alternative legally available in 2 states which friends of mine have access to if interested.

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